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TV Dexter: Series Finale w/Spoilers


I'd rank the "big bads" like this...

1.) The Trinity Killer
2.) The Ice Truck Killer
3.) Isaak Sirko
4.) The Brain Surgeon
5.) Jordan Chase
6.) Miguel Prado
7.) Travis Marshall

I'm fine with Deb dying. There needed to be some collateral damage. The only thing that would've made this final season/series finale worse would've been happy endings.

And yeah, that's what it all came down to. Everything felt rushed. Which is crazy, seeing as they've been planning for this ending for two seasons. We had 24 episodes to right all the wrongs and give an incredible ending to this series. I'm not really sure what happened.

The guy in charge (I forget his name) was asked if Dexter dying/killing himself was ever an option. He said that it wouldn't have been believable. But apparently driving into a hurricane and somehow surviving was. Shows you what kind of people were in charge of this thing. It never had a chance. Haha.


Sally Twit
Trinity and Ice Truck were my all time favourites. Doesn't get any better than those two seasons. Speaking of which, did you see the Ice Truck Killer reference in the final episode? I did have a little chuckle.

Dexter killing himself IS believable, though. In fact, that is what I was gearing myself up for all season. I hate endings like that because it just leaves me with loads of unanswered questions.
The truth always comes out and that is what should have happened.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I agree that Trinity and Ice Truck killer were the best by far. Travis and Miguel were weak villains.

Do you guys think Quinn and Bautista kind of suspected Dexter was a serial killer when they were interrogating him? They gave each other that look. And Quinn has had suspicions about Dexter before.


Yeah, they definitely knew something was up. It was clear from the tape why Dexter went in there and that he really knew what he was doing. But I guess they just let it slide because of what Saxon had done to Deb.

I can handle that. But I cannot overlook all of their other terrible police work. No wonder Miami Metro only solves 20% of their murders. The entire station is run by morons. Haha.


Sally Twit
I don't think they suspected he was a serial killer, but I think they knew he planned to kill Saxon that day. He was way too relaxed on that tape. He didn't react like a normal person in that situation.

Supposedly the writers changed after season 4, which is really obvious when you think about it.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I don't think they suspected he was a serial killer
I take issue with that. There was an entire story arc where Quinn swore that Dexter was a serial killer. He couldn't have mysteriously just forgotten about that. He also gave Angel a very "knowing" look, like they knew that Dexter went in there to kill Saxon. That's not even my biggest problems with this ending.

I think that this may have been the single worst ending to a series in history.

1. Dexter leaves Harrison with Hannah. Deb spent the better part of the past few episodes trying to convince Dex to go be happy with his family in Argentina. Dexter, in his infinite wisdom, decided to keep going back for Deb over and over again. He didn't have to! He didn't even stop Saxon from killing her, Angel did. He was completely useless every time he went back for her and abandoned Hannison.

2. The entire boat/hospital/Deb's death scene made no sense. Those instruments are super loud and a code blue would have been called as soon as she flatlined. They also said earlier in the episode she could probably breathe on her own but her higher brain functions were gone. Why did she die instantly? Dexter never should have been able to wheel her out of the front of the hospitall to the poorly CGI'd ramp and dock. It was obvious that the hospital did not fit where they placed it. What hospital has it's own dock, anyway? Then he CARRIES her lifeless body down the ramp after pushing her through a busy front lot.

3. The boat trip out to sea was awful. The hurricane was another example of bullshit CGI. Why did Dexter decide that Deb deserved to be laid to rest in the same place as the rest of his victims? She's clearly not worthless or a criminal. Also: dead bodies float and there's a hurricane coming. Where the fuck was his common sense then? Of course he drove the Slice of Life straight into the hurricane and survived! Didn't you know Dexter is magic?

4. He left Hannah in a terrible place. How the fuck is she supposed to explain to Harrison that his father is never, ever coming back? He was trying to "save" Harrison from him but ended up ruining his entire life.



Sally Twit
How far in the future was the final scene supposed to be set? I don't know how long it takes to grow a beard like that. What did that stare in to the camera mean as well? I just keep thinking about it and it makes me more and more mad that it ended that way.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
They didn't actually answer if he's still killing or not but I think it's implied that he chose killing over Hannison.

Also: his knives were left behind when he didn't kill Saxon. You'd think that Angel or Quinn would recognize the same set the Bay Harbor Butcher used.

And where the fuck is the end of Mauska's story? WTF happened with is daughter? They pulled a Lost on that story arc.


TVLINE | What went into having Dexter look directly at the camera in the final shot?

It’s that it’s just silence. There’s always been so much that you’ve been able to read into Dexter – twice before in the series, he looked into the camera, but always with a voiceover. And here he’s just got nothing. Nothingness. The rest is silent. Empty.
‘Dexter’ Series Finale Spoilers: EP on Why Deb Dies, Dexter Fakes Death - TVLine

That's what the EP had to say, for whatever it's worth.

And he chose to isolate himself because of all the bad he's brought on to everyone throughout the series. He figured Harrison is safer with a different, less dangerous serial killer. Haha.


Sally Twit
I didn't think it mattered all that much about those characters that just pop up every so often. I guess they just wanted to give Masuka a happy ending. We know he has someone good in his life now.

I guess Dexter must have carried on killing because he'd go crazy if he had nothing in his life at all. He may as well have just killed himself if he was going to spend his days alone in a cabin. But then it would have made sense for Harry to be there in the final scene if that was the case.
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