TV Dexter S4 (spoilers may be included)


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So, it's not supposed to start until towards the end of September, but from what I am hearing, the first episode has already been leaked. Sure enough, I took a look at one of the sites I watch TV on, and it's there.

Has anyone watched the leaked episode yet? I heard it's a great teaser...but I don't know if I want to watch it. I think it may be easier not to watch it and just wait until they normally start airing than to get sucked in by the first episode and have to wait another 5 weeks before seeing the next one.


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I don't have Showtime, so I watched them all online when they were airing. I used

And then I got the dvds when the seasons were released.


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I finally found the first episode from the new season online.

Pretty good start! Freaking cliffhanger is killing me, though! Haha.

I'm really excited about Lithgow's guest spot on here. He's awesome.


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Only 2 more episodes left of the season. I saw previews for them, and it looks like things are about to get even more intense. But then again, most Dexter episodes are intense. lol

It's going to be pretty crazy when Dexter starts being the one stalked by a serial killer.


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I've seen the first 7 episodes and I'm enjoying this season a lot more than season 3. Lithgows character is a great addition to the cast, I'm loving the way they are showing him as a mirror image to Dex. I was also very happy to see Lundy back in the show
only to have him taken away and for good! I was actually devastated when that happened :lol:
Hopefully I'll get fully caught up over the next week.
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Just downloaded last nights episode. Its going to be difficult making it another week to the finale. I like what they've done with Deb this season, but to be honest Rita is beginning to get on my nerves. He has had some of the most interesting kills this season though. I loved the one where he got the female cop.


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I've never really been a fan of Rita. I used to hate Deb. She was so abrasive to watch all the time...but as the seasons have passed, I've actually grown to like her.