Developing drivers

I am a beginner, and I have to make a driver for XP SP2, a device that connects via a USB.

I pray help because I do not have ideas where head.


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Wait do you need SP2 off of the USB device that connects to the computer? Or do you need a driver to support USB for service pack 2?

Or are you literally trying to make the driver?
I think what he means is that he wants to make a custom driver for his USB device, but you didn't give us more information about what device it is and more you know, for example do you know how to program in C language, if so you can look in google about DDK (Driver Developpement Kit), and there's also WDK (Windows Driver Kit).
Personally, I haven't worked with any of them but you can look for some tutorials online that can help you get started.
Hope this was helpful, Cheers ;)