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Detroit: Become Human


Sony's next big exclusive is out now.

Who's playing it? What do y'all think?

Metacritic is sitting at a solid 80. It's not wowing like God of War, but I'm not sure anyone thought it would.

I played for about an hour. It's gorgeous and the voice acting is top notch so far. If you've liked previous Quantic Dream games, you'll slide right into this one with no problem. Looking to crack into the actual story later today.


I ♥ Haters
I pre-ordered this a couple of weeks before release day. I'll be picking it up today after work. I'm hoping it will motivate me and get me out of my gaming rut. I stopped my Platinum run on Beyond and Heavy Rain because I just wasn't motivated enough. Couldn't even finish the Indigo Prophecy port before quitting it half way.

Everything I've seen so far makes me think it'll motivate me enough to at least try. I'm looking forward to the video game sins video that will inevitably be coming soon.


I played a few more hours and it just hasn't hooked me yet. I'm not sure if that's the game's fault or my own.

At the moment, I'd much rather play Friday the 13th. Which is... Not a great sign. Haha.