Detroit(1) vs Magic(8)


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The pistons finished first in the Eastern Conference and they will be facing the eight seed the Orlando Magics. Personally I don't think the Pistons will have an easy time especially if Howard and Hill are both on their games. The only problem with the Magics are that they don't have a good point guard, Arroyo and Nelson are both shoot first and pass second point guards.

I say the Pistons will win the series in 6.

You guys can comment on this series through out the series. If you give a prediction please tell me why you think the team is going to win.


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It will be interesting because Grant Hill, Darko Milicic, and Carlos Arroyo all played for the Pistons in the past. I say Detroit in 5. Howard will make an impression but they're young and Detroit's one of the most experienced teams in the playoffs. The only thing I worry about is the Pistons getting complacent and bored and letting Orlando gain confidence.


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I think the Pistons will take care of business in five games. They were dominate all season and I think that will carry into the playoffs. But I don't like saying a sweep so I'll go with five games.

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Pistons always adjust well and take away what you like to do.

Magic have a strong interior but won't be able to get'er done

Pistons in 5


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Well the Magic dont have too many threats Grant Hill maybe stopped by Tayshaun Prince and his long arms, Dwight Howard is monster, but doesnt have an amazing low post game other than that Orlando is in trouble.

Piston in 5.


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Florida Today -
Darko Milicic met with GM Otis Smith prior to the start of the playoffs and expressed his desire to re-sign with Orlando and promised that the club has only seen a glimpse of what he can do.

"I would like to do more things and show them how they are going to see me next year if I stay here," Milicic said confidently. "They make the decisions on how much I'm a part of the games, but I'm happy to be here and a part of this team. But what I think is they've got to use me more."


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Looks like Detroit's getting it done. I believe they're taking down the Magic in 4. Unless the Pistons choke on a game, they've pretty much have Orlando dealt with.

Howard hasn't had a big impact, and I don't think Orlando has enough firepower to beat Rip, Billups, Wallace, Prince, and Webber.