Determining Laws of Consent?


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I was thinking of this the other day after reading the link Bananas posted about a 16-year old girl who didn't age. Now, once she hits eighteen, she is of legal age yet it's clear that there's no way this girl would be in any condition (mentally or physically) for intimacy.

That's a 16 year old girl on the left.

Now I know that example is extreme, but is age really the best answer? Do you think there could ever be a better way to determine rules of consent besides age? We all know that many people aren't even ready for sex at 20 (see: Kaz) yet we bust 16 year old boys for having sex with 15 year old girls who were doing just fine.

To me, it seems like age is the limit of what we can come up with. Hell, I can't think of anything and I haven't heard of any better solutions. What's even worse is this country is cutting sexual education programs and allowing more sex on TV. Anyone see a potential problem looming? Or how about the very current, very real problem of oversexed children? It's disturbing but our culture does nothing about it.



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"Age of consent" should be of less a concern than physical and/or mental maturity. For instance, I have a niece who will turn 26 this month. She's well matured physically, but mentally she's maybe 12. She did graduate from high school, although all her classes were "Special Ed". She's not exactly mentally handicapped, just a bit under-developed. She's socially functional, but she'll never be able to do things normally associated with adulthood, such as driving a car, handling a mentally demanding job, or even intimacy.
I can tell you right now that if any guy were to try to force himself on her, or persuade here to have sex with him, he'd have not only her parents and an older brother to contend with, but a whole bunch of angry redneck aunts and uncles as well.


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I think the age of consent is great for the majority of people, but there will always be minorities that it doesn't fit, same as any situation. If consent was based on being emotionally ready, then some people would never reach the requirements.