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I remember when I was in sixth grade, my teacher told me that when I would hit seventh grade and beyond I would get a lot of detentions. Two of the reasons he told me that is because I talked a lot during his class, and didnt do my homework.

Well, lets just say I only got two suspensions after he told me that. I never was able to see him again afterwards, I so wanted to rub it in his face.

Anyways, have you gotten a lot of detentions in school? If so tell me a couple of reasons why you got them.


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I remember being asked to step out class with a group of other classmates because we were disrespectful to the teacher. I think we were on a laughing mode that time and it disrupted class. :lol:

Other than that I don't remember being punished for school behavior unless you count praying the rosary in front of the principal's office for being late.


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What didn't I do wrong is more the appropriate question. I've helped toss students out a window for a pen we threw out there to begin with, left campus, skipped classes, been disruptive. Some of them even lead to ISS.


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I had detention a lot. We didn't have the after school detention though (they tried that and nobody ever turned up) so instead they made us clean up after everybody in the canteen during lunch time or get a plastic bag and go clean up the path from the school leading into town.

The worst sentence i ever got was two weeks straight of the canteen detention. *shudder* Worst part was you didn't get time to eat at lunchtime, but i guess i probably lost a bit of weight in that two weeks! :p


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Once for missing a homework assignment . . . not kidding, really. My teacher was a bag of herpes. A fat bag of glazed herpes.


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I haven't gotten a single detention since early December. And school has started recently, and I am trying not to have over 5 detentions this year.

As for getting detentions, I lost count. Many of them were, for talking in class, arguing with the teacher, I mean who wouldn't with a temper like mine. Some were for not wearing the correct uniform.
I never got many detentions but when I did it was usually for missing homework deadlines or just staying behind to catch up on coursework. I was asked to stay behind sooo often for coursework.. I don't think my teachers realised I like to just do everything at the very last minute, probably not the best idea but it was the only way for me.

I may have got one or two detentions for talking too much or something in certain reeally boring classes, but I only have vague memories of them.
There's been plenty of instances where I came close to having a detention but the only one I've ever had was in 10th grade. See, there's this rule at my high school that as a freshman if you miss 3 homework assignments in a quarter you get detention.

But as I pointed out I was a sophomore so that rule doesn't apply. Well my French II teacher either didn't get the memo or just didn't care and she already knew I missed 2 assignments, and she didn't ask me about this one until after class. Well stupid me was busy rushing to finish a project for my next class, completely aware that the bell for dismissal rang and that I was the only one there. So a minute after the bell she came over and asked for my homework, I had no choice but to say "no" and that was my first detention.

Funny part was I could've just up and left class on cue and probably saved myself from that when the bell rang.

Detention was nothing like I pictured, it was just me and about 8 other students in a classroom doing homework for an hour in complete silence.


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You could get detention for anything at my school. I got it for anything from being late to class to talking to much to just missing school. I got detention for lots of lame things.

Now getting suspended is a different story, I got out of school suspension and in school a few times, and all of those stories are much better than my detention stories.

My favorite one was when Mr. Tough Football player couldn't stop running his mouth in math class bullying me cause I was the new girl, but then he started calling this other girl in our class a slut and I had finally had enough so I picked up my math book and slammed him in the face with it. Totally unecessary, but worth every minute of it.

The other time was for pushing one of the football coaches at our school who used to teach at my brothers old school where the head coached benched my brother for something he though my parents did, which they didn't. So, the guy at my school decided to talk about how my brother deserved what he got and was just talking all of this crap about my brother.. To my best friend of all people. Granted this was when my brother was diagnosed cancer. So, when she told me and I found out it was on between us. I hardly remember it happening I was so mad, but I just remember it taking everything I had not to hit him.
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I was a little shit at school which resulted in at least three detentions a week,I would not necessarily go to them.

I was given them for every reason that they could think of from not doing homework to fighting in class to threatening a teacher with physical violence.
At one point I was scheduled for an entire term of after school detentions,I think I attended one then bunked the rest.

I am the first to admit that I wasted many teachers time and effort as I really was not willing to learn.
I am not proud of my so called school years.