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Details of your first date?!


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At the time I was age 15 waaaaaayyyyy back in 1976. I was sophmore and he a senior so naturally I thought I was hot ****. Especially because another girl really liked him and really wanted him. He was chinese (I am white) and his name was Danny _____. I remember his last name but I won't tell. I've tried FB too to see if I could find him. I wouldn't ask to be friends thought if I did. We were both living in Albany CA at the time. UC Berkeley is nearby and my mom was there getting her masters. I'm not sure if he was raised in the area, but one thing very common in our school was that for most of us, our parents were there for advanced degrees. So Danny and I met in an elective supernatural literature class. We read things like Merlins Crystal Cave and Don Quixote (sp?). So the details begin to escape me about how the "asking out" came about. I do remember though that he had a car. My mom never asked to meet him. We went and saw Rocky and then had an ice cream. For a while, he and I were "official". We hung out on campus, once went to Marriotts Great American in San Jose, went bike riding in the east bay area. He taught me how to french kiss. It all came to a crashing halt when on April Fools day he faked a break up. I was so devastated, and even after he revealed it was a joke, I was so angry!! To say the least I was a very poor sport...and I broke up with him. He tried a few times to get me back. I remember our last conversation; I told him "....there's someone out there for you, it's just not me".


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I remembered my first time but not my first date. I do remember first dates with my exes. :lol:

Anyway, my first few dating experiences always related to something religious. Either the guy and I got close while working on a fundraiser to build a church, or the guy followed me after a Marian pilgrimage in October, or (and this was my first bf)...it developed after holding hands during the Lord's Prayer in one of the Wednesday novenas that I attended. :rofl:


I'm serious
My first relationships when I was still in school was nothing as romantic as you described. We were just friends and then at a party we would hook up for the night and date for a few weeks. I know, very romantic, isn't it.

My first date that I can really remember even though I wish I could forget was a date I went on with a guy while I was in the UK. It was just awful. He was so indecisive (a quality I loathe in a guy) and just almost whimpy the whole night. It didn't go well and I ended up getting drunk with guys I met at the bar on our date. :lol:


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Gosh I guess my first ever real date was with my girlfriend at the time. We went out to dinner and got ice cream with her friend after that. I don't remember much...just that it went really well. We were close friends before we started going out so that made it A LOT easier of a date. I've never been on a blind date so I don't know how an awkward first date is like haha.


Sally Twit
It was a picnic in London and I made a complete fool of myself.
I met him in Nottingham at a friend's party and after a lot of exchanged letters, text messages and phone calls he invited me to visit him there for the day.
He'd arranged this cute little picnic for us and I remember feeling so nervous. I spilt Ribena on his leg, I stood on his foot, I got shy when he gave me a peck on the cheek and wouldn't stop giggling for ages... And I just couldn't look him in the eye the whole day.
Anyway it was the start of a wonderful relationship so it's not all bad.


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My first date was with a guy I worked with when I worked in a supermarket. Him and his friend would always come through my isle to buy their lunch. Anyway, his name was Dylan, and it turns out he was a huge player.


Mark ov teh Pond
My first date was not really much of a date at all.

I was about 21, and working at a department store. I was in receiving bay, and she was a cashier. It was a blind date, but we knew of one another. One of my bumbling co-workers came up to me one day and was like, "dude I got you a date." and naturally I was like, "orly?" just going about my regular duties. He filled me in on the details and as he was babbling on and I was getting the impression he was serious - so I asked who and found out it was Nicole. The cashier.

First off, she was very cute. There's a reason I didn't ask her out myself, though. She's also Catholic. Okay before you judge me, don't. Because I knew what I was like. I mean those were my glory days. My hair was long, my denim jacket was fringed, my jeans were tight, my music was very loud and SATANIC, you add all that and throw in closet exhibitionist and you have a pretty bad match going there. This was a straight up girl who was home before dark.

Anyways, I didn't offend her. Bad hair style and attitude aside (don't even touch on my clothing dude) I gave it a shot. Bumbling idiot and myself went on a double date to the bowling alley that weekend. It wasn't a complete drag, I mean, I had fun, I think she had fun. Mostly I was just there being a guy and bowling. I focused my attention on her, asked questions, showed interest in her life, and likewise. It was starting to get late and she had to jet. I walked her out, hugged her, and even set up another date. I invited her over the next week for a movie. We watched a couple movies but nothing was really clicking with us, so same scenario, walked her out & gave her a hug. Exchanged a few e-mails and the rest is history.

5 years later, have not had a date since. Oh, and the hair and majority of the music is gone. The rest well.... I'll leave that up to your imagination ;)


I don't remember my exact first date because I had never called it a date in the first place.
Now that I'm looking back in time, I suppose it was a date. So I can say I've dated a few guys but there was no kissing or touching with any of them.
So, now I'm confused because I don't remember who I dated before and after. I guess my first date was with a guy I had met on the internet. We had been talking/chatting for a couple of months before we met.
The day I met him, I didn't tell anyone I was meeting him. It was like a secret date. I was 17. I lied to my parents and told them I was going out with one of my girlfriends lol.
We were both a bit shy and a bit flirty with each other. He even gave me a book [I never read] and wrote a dedication for me. It was sweet.
But when I got back home my mom found out I had gone out with him but I had no courage to tell her that I actually lied so I invented another lie to cover the first one.


Typical nerd date. I went out with some chick I met on the internet who I ended up not even liking that much. She was REALLY gothic and it made me feel like I was walking around with a vampire or something which I am not into at all. We saw a movie then went to a gaming cafe for a while and played games (yep, nerd date). We never went on a second one... :lol:


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I'm pretty lame. It was a dinner and a movie.

Then again, I ended up marrying her later so maybe that formula works well.