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Hmm... This is another song fic. It isn't finished and I am still writing more. ^^ Warning: This is based on Kim Harrison's books and there is cursing in it.

Also, the name of the song is Burned With Desire by Armin Van Buuren.

Rachel sighed and walked into the Sanctuary. She couldn't believe that Jenks and Ivy left on a run without her. She was tired of being babied. 'Damn it! I am a grown woman! So what if I have a broken arm? I am a witch. I can take care of myself.' Rachel stubbed her toe on the table.
"Owwwww!!!" Rachel grabbed her foot with her left arm and hopped to the couch. Rachel brushed her long, frizzy, red hair out of her eyes. "Maybe this is what Ivy meant when she said that I couldn't be left alone for five minutes without hurting myself... Rachel huffed and looked at the clock. The clock read 8:07. "Hah! That shows you Ivy! I went seven minutes!!" Proud of herself, Rachel grabbed the remote to the stereo and turned it on.
Hitting the button for random, she propped her feet up, leaned back and

For each forgotten kiss

For all the memories
For all the times a look
Said all we had to say

Rachel opened her eyes at the sound of the music. "What the hell is this? Damn it, Kist! I told him to keep his crap out of the stereo!" Rachel fumed but in the end, she decided to leave it on.

You played your part so well

A modern Romeo
You came on Cupid's wings

Rachel's eyes widened when she heard the lyrics. "Nick... Her voice was filled with pain and sorrow. Rachel was reminded of Nick, she remembered how the stud swept her off of her feet when they first met. Nick was so good to her. But in the end, he betrayed her. Just like everyone else.

When you touched my face

When you called my name
I burned with desire

When you touched my face
When you called my name
I burned with desire
But you left me in the rain

Tears came to her eyes. Rachel fought them back but the fight was futile. They won over in the end. She couldn't believe that Nick chose some stupid artifact that could cause a Vampire/Were war over her. He even tried to steal it from her by driving a car over the bridge!

Her left arm went around her stomach as she put her feet on the floor. She leaned over and let her tears fall on the table. "Nick... Why can't I get over you? Why...?"

For every sleepless night

Forever in your arms
For every hour spent
Lost in the revelry

The sudden sound of pixy children brought her back to reality. "Miss Rachel? Are you alright?" The high-pitched voice of Jih reached her ears. Rachel jumped in surprise when she realized that all of the pixy girls were singing and braiding her hair. Giving a small smile, Rachel wiped the tears from her eyes.

The pixy children left and went into the kitchen. Rachel could here them staging mock battles around the hanging utensils.

You broke your promises

No shame and no regrets
And in this mystery

Another sigh escaped Rachel. This song could relate to her on so many levels. Not letting any sobs escape her, she just let the tears fall freely with no sound.

When you touched my face (you took your)

When you called my name (my name)
I burned with desire
But you left me in the rain

When you touched my face (you took your)
When you called my name (my name)
I burned with desire

When you touched my face (you took your)
When you called my name (my name)
I burned with desire
But you left me in the rain

Rachel once again wiped the tears from her eyes and sat back. Not hearing the door open, she turned the stereo off.


Ivy walked into the church. She could smell the salt from Rachel's tears from here. She went into a fast walk and followed her nose into the Sanctuary. Ivy saw Rachel sitting on the couch with her eyes closed. She sighed and walked over to the couch to sit beside her.

Rachel jumped in surprise when she realized someone else was there. "God damn it, Ivy! Don't do that to me! You know I hate that! When did you g- But Rachel was cut off when Ivy embraced her. Rachel hesitated before she slipped her arm around Ivy's waist and hugged back.

Rachel groggily opened her eyes. She rubbed her face into her pillow when she realized how bright it was. Rachel used her left arm to block the light out. Well...she tried to. During the process, Rachel realized that she couldn't move her arm. Rachel shook her head, trying to wake up faster to see what was wrong. She moved her fingers and when she tried to move her arm, she met resistance.

Rachel's eyes widened. Her pillow was moving.

"What the fuck?"

Rachel watched as her pillow went up and down at a slow rhythm. 'This isn't a pillow. It's Ivy!' Rachel allowed her gaze to go upward to Ivy's sleeping face.

Putting two and two together, she figured out why she couldn't move her arm. Ivy was laying on it. Letting out a groan as another thing dawned on her, she wiggled her arm free and sat up.

'A- I slept on Ivy the whole night. B- I slept on her chest. This is great... Fantastic!'

Suddenly, Ivy started to stir. Rachel froze and after a few minutes, she started to untangle herself from Ivy.

Once Rachel untangled herself from Ivy, she went into the kitchen to make coffee. Glancing at the timer, Rachel saw that is was 9 in the morning. She went to bed early, and woke up early. This is so off her usual schedule. The witch schedule is usually midnight to noon. So this is very early for her.

Rachel put coffee grinds into the machine, turning it on as she leaned against the counter. Rachel let a sigh escaped her as she impatiently waited for the coffee. Rachel went over to her oven and turned the stove on. Pulling out the necessary materials for French toast and eggs.

Grabbing the bowl, she poured milk and cracked a couple of eggs into it. Rachel mixed the contents before dipping a piece of bread in it. Putting the bread on a frying pan, she grabbed another bowl and put eggs and milk into that one as well.

20 minutes later, there were two plates with 3 slices of French toast and scrambled eggs. Rachel set the plates on the table in the kitchen and went into her room to change into something more comfortable. Last night she had fallen asleep in her black leather pants and red blouse. She was hoping that Ivy and Jenks would have let her go on the run with them.

Suddenly, a thought crossed her mind, 'the run, what happened to it? They were only gone for about 10 minutes.' Rachel shrugged it off and changed into some white sweats and a black t-shirt. Her hair became even frizzier in the process. Rachel grabbed her brush and attempted to tame the red mess. Failing, she grabbed the charm she made two nights ago. Rachel invoked it and pulled it over her head. Looking in the mirror, she saw that the charm worked and her hair was tamed.

When Rachel walked back into the kitchen, she noticed that Ivy was cleaning up some of the mess she had made while making breakfast. She also saw that Ivy poured her a cup of coffee.

Rachel leaned against the wall and observed Ivy. Her long, black hair framing her face perfectly, her fare skin glowed.

Rachel noticed that Ivy was wearing different clothes now than she had last night. Right now she was wearing around the house clothes. Her black tank top and black pants made her look tough. Ivy, finished cleaning, sat down at the table and began to eat. Rachel snapped out of her day dreaming and grabbed the syrup before she too sat down.

"Thanks for breakfast, Rachel. This is really good." Rachel waved the comment off and replied, "No problem, I thought that you would be hungry when you woke up." A silence drifted over them as they ate, Rachel, taking the incentive, broke the silence before it became too stifling. " Thanks for cleaning up for me. So, what happened to the run last night?"

Ivy paused her eating and grabbed the syrup for her French toast. "Well, we had made it to the bridge out of the Hollows when I got a call from the guy that hired me. He said that the run was cancelled, that someone else tagged the guy that was feeding on underage humans. Too bad, I was looking forward to kicking his ass."

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I'm actually pretty intersted to see where this goes. I like the song fic idea actually. It's a difficult style to keep it simple enough to flow, but detailed enough to paint a picture; thats where you're gonna have to work the hardest, but keep it up.

I like it so far. It's different, and different is good. Although the pixie children part felt kind've irrelevant.....