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Describe your relationship using movie titles


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Or describe your ex or current partners. Then put a little explanation in spoilers.

One of mine would be "Crazy Stupid Love"

I think it may even apply to two relationships I've had. I'm the type when I fall in love, I get all crazy, more than I already am, and it can go up to level stupid. I don't regret 90% of what I did but still, they're pretty much crazy stupid.



"Home Alone" Why not? It's...

...been great so far. Nothing better than somebody NOT barking orders at you. Being at peace.


Sally Twit
Apparently there was a film in 1989 called 'True Love' so I'll go with that one. :)
It's what we have and will continue to have until one of us croaks it.


It's not me, it's you.
At the onset of our relationship, I would describe it as "Little Shop of Horrors". The beginning of our relationship was plagued with all sorts of bullshit.

Now I'm going to say it's "A New Hope" because I hope that we've put all that behind us and that we'll be free of all the other stuff.


AKA Ass-Bandit

Is this really necessary? It's pretty clear from the film title.


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because when I asked nicely he doesn't hear, but when I'm a bitch he finally listens


This was a bf I had when age 19 name Bill. He was so fun, and one of my favorites. We went hunting together one weekend. I tried to spot deer for a shot.

The Jerk

wow, this could apply to so many, but is particularly relevant with one guy that decided his time was being wasted
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Haha, I've thought about this a few times in the past. I'm weird like that.

With the first three, I haven't seen them so it's based on the title, not the actual movie.

Never Been Kissed, 40 year Old Virgin*, Singles, Captain America**, etc...

* I'm 27, not 40

** My roommate is watching Captain America as I write this, and the lines about Steve Rogers' lack of a dating life (and the reasons) is pretty similar to me.


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One of my earlier relationships was Crazy Stupid Love because we were both young and didn't know how it all works but always tried to maintain the relationship. Didn't work out well though, thank god.

I don't have a movie title that describes my current relationship though. Hmm.
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At the beginning of this relationship, I thought that I was A bad influence - P!nk on my girlfriend so I ended it and regretted it because I realised that there was no "Fool like me - Cobra Starship" and asked her out again. After that, it was all Hot'n'Cold - Katy Perry but after a while it's just a "Happy Ending - Mika"
Are these movies? It's seems like they are songs.