Describe your favourite colour.


Everything goes.
Basically, try not to be too exciting and type in 'Red'. First person's gonna type in 'Red' right? :stare:

Hematite: Black/Silver
Blood Red


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Bright yellow because it is bright like the sun, I just don't like wearing yellow in the summer as it has the tendency to attract wasps and I am scared of them. Gold because it's an interesting colour to wear and green because it reminds me of nature.


Everything goes.
:) Agreed.
although ysabel has and Dalgirl have.

I'll go again.

Black/silver; shiny and the type you would barely notice in the middle of the night when a flicker of light shines over it

Blood red: not the type you'd see on a hospital floor, the type you'd see in an alley at dusk.

But stating colors is just as fun really. I should have put up a poll of some type. I seems a lot are leaning towards dark, including shades of red. Wonder if that means anything.
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