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Describe your best "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT!"-Moment in a game


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Here's another way to go with the game topics. Admittedly this would be better with video, but since that's inconvenient for people who don't have their own site devoted to it already, I guess just do your best to tell us about it.

In the stunting and reviewing world, we call these things "Big Moments" (at least I do). They're reasons we play so hard and have so much emotion invested in these things. So...

When was the last time you played a game, pulled out a sick move, and felt like "OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT!!!!"

For me, the last one would have been during SDD (Super Double Dragon) stunt practice where I was in the 2nd room of level 1 (Las Vegas) and the pipe bomb just hit the ground, and the only escape was above it rather than against the lower right wall in the corner, so I went to get away from Jeff (the green guy who looks like the Dragons and is annoying sometimes) and I jumped on and off the wall and did a cutting kick...... which interrupted the spinkick he started the instant he got to my same level and I jumped at the wall... and it JUST hit him between his leg as it went from my direction (where it can hit me) to the other side of his body (where it can't) and before it came back to the same side (where if it touches me even while attacking it can hit me) again.

That got me holding a breath. It's not exactly sUUUUUUUUUper spectacular because it's very early in the run, not in the last level or some place I really like, but when you get those early on, it gives you what we call "Something to hold onto" which is one of the greatest pressures you can have in a stunt. You want this to be the run so you play better, but at the same time, you don't want to revert into doing a whole bunch of "safe strategies" the rest of the way just to hold onto some thing that happened in Level 1. So it's a blessing and a curse at the exact same time.

In the end, when that kind of thing happens, you just gotta find some way to use it to both pump you up AND remain more focused than you usually would. Have to both appreciate/honor it and not let it get to you at the same time.

It's odd. An odd experience for sure. But that's what makes these things so interesting beyond just the game itself.


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Reminder (or addition):

This is also for weird glitches too. I just attempted to re-play an emulator version of Chrono Trigger to get my New Game Plus back for the computer version of it, and some weird thing happened where at some point on the Denadoro Mts. after a save point before the MasaMune battle, I couldn't use items during battle. They were all there on the world map and in areas, and still are, but when I entire the battle and go to the "Item" function, all the spaces are blank and there's nothing there to select. I don't know when this glitch occurred, but it also was accompanied by Frog NOT taking the Hero Medal when Tata gave it back after the Mts. were completed (so I'm thinking perhaps they're independent events that just happen to be occurring at the same time OR somehow the one no item during battles glitch somehow "caused" the other one with Frog). So in any event, I now have a game that's reasonably well into the game that I can either (A) no longer play, or (B) have to remain going through without being able to use items during battle EVER (including the Black Omen AND Lavos if I want my NGP back).

I don't know what to do about this one. I'm wondering if there are any Chrono Trigger nuts out there that have seen this before and know what's going on. This is discouraging. I know I'm not in the middle of a review right now or anything, but still.