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Describe the View


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Please describe places you've been to and views you've seen.

Do not post pictures of it. Simply use words to describe the place. It might not even be a nice place, it could be what you see when you look out your window. It could be a landmark, or something made to look better when the sun is setting over it.

A large recreation field, the horizon straddled by poky bungalows, a short row of trees and an enormous embankment overgrown and towering.
A train clattering away on top of it, heading north. The park below that, with swings and a slide and other stuff, half of it battered to bits by unruly yobbish youngsters in the past. The sky is wispy and peaceful. The footpath nearest littered with little stones and fragments of broken glass, green and glistening. A bit of a dive really, but not half as bad as some might think.

There you go. Post yours. Tell us where this place is if you want.


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Asheville, North Carolina at Biltmore Estate, a large Victorian 'castle' that was built over 100 years ago by George Vanderbilt.
It is an awesome huge home, surrounded on the outside by several concrete gargoyles, which the Victorians believed were to protect their home.
Also on the grounds, life-size statues of Greek and Roman figures and in the center of the front lawn, a beautiful water pond, with a towering water spray~
The inside of the home, is decorated with richly created antiques and large winding staircases, that take you closer to a very exquisite chandelier, hanging in the middle of the entry way~
Each room is decorated uniquely, there are over 200 rooms to view, and as you enter the second floor of the castle, you can walk out onto the balcony which overlooks the back of the castle grounds....also magnificent...everything is so pretty, gorgeous, makes me want to live there.


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The View is an American talk show broadcast on the ABC as part of ABC Daytime. Created by Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie, who both also serve as the show's executive producers, the program features a panel of women as co-hosts. Currently, Whoopi Goldberg moderates discussions while the rest of the panel consists of Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd and, part-time, Barbara Walters.