deprivation = depression?


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I haven't been getting much sleep lately, at least the last 5 weeks. for about as much time, I've also been really depressed. but not only that, I'd start putting myself in situations that would just lead to more depression. but last night I got 9 hours of sleep for the first time in what seems like forever, and I woke up feeling happy for, once again, the first time in what seems like forever. so I'm thinking maybe sleep deprivation is connected to depression. whaddayü think?


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Sleep deprivation can lead to the feeling of being depressed but this is very different from actually suffering from depression.

Have you ever been diagnosed with depression?


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Yeah being in the situation where you make yourself loose sleep, can just cause you to get burned out. I know I feel like I want to crawl in a hole sometime when I overwork myself, you just need to get that one good day in though and you should be fine.


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I'm thinking instead of settling for the one day once in a while I should restructure to incorporate MORE days with a good amount of sleep.


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Obsessiforge said:
I'm not actually depressed I just don't get enough sleep.
Thats better:), depression is a bitch and can completely destroy lives. Oddly most cases of depression do not involve feeling depressed, they just feel nothing. If you go with lack of sleep for a long period it could easily lead to depression but I don't think sleep deprivation can directly be related to depression.

I used to work myself into the ground, I'd only sleep when I really needed to, in an average week I would possibly get 20-25 hours sleep, usually only sleeping every other night. I did this constantly for a few years and started to learn how important sleep is, on a few occasions I got to the hallucination stages of sleep deprivation. In recent years I have got into a routine and a good nights sleep makes me a whole better person. It is really worth the effort it makes a difference.

If you want some advice:
Set your alarm clock so you get up regular, you will soon get to sleep regular also.
Sleeping with the blinds open is also a good one, you should wake up naturally with sunlight. Once your up, get up! What you do in the mornings will affect the rest of the day including how and when you will sleep next.
Don't eat for at least 3 hours before going to bed.


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Yes they're cousins. I don't think you're depressed either but yes, if you're feeling down and you haven't been sleeping, a good sleep will make you feel better and more energetic.