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  1. R.Lewis_52

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    Have you every been depressed if so why and for how long...because i think am now and i think it is affecting my grades in school...should i go to the doctor...

  2. Merc

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    Are you talking about the actual medical condition, or just the general emotion? Everyone has been or will experience depression, that's just a fact of life. Why do you think you're depressed?

    I've had my bad days and I've had my horribly bad days. They come and go, they have to. Without them, you wouldn't have any good days.
  3. Vidic15

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    I had my bad and good days

    Well..Today..i am having a good day..My troubles and worries are over
  4. oxyMORON

    oxyMORON A Darker Knight

    I've had my bad days. Definitely, but nowhere near depression. Maybe you should go see a doctor in case something serious is happening.
  5. Iris

    Iris rainbow 11!

    Well, are you depressed for no reason at all? If so, yeah, go to a doctor because that might be a chemical imbalance. But if there is a reason, talk to someone that you trust. Maybe a close friend or if you are too uncomfortable, talk to a random person off the net that is willing to help. I remember I did that once. I found this adult and we talked for months and she was really helpful. ^^ But just becareful when you do that. Use your common sense and you will be fine.

    Also, if you do need to talk, I'm here. :]
  6. R.Lewis_52

    R.Lewis_52 Guest

    I no it sounds stupid but am depressed over this girl... i no that there are plenty of girls out in the world but i only want one and she doesn't feel the same way about me...
  7. Babe_Ruth

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    I personally never been depressed for a long period of time, If you say your were once depressed for about a week, I dont really consider that depression because, I consider that being miserable. I am sure your going to snap out of it real soon my friend, and no you shouldn't go to the doctors. But talk it over with your friends, friends are the best cure in those situations.
  8. You and me both. Only the girl I like has a boy friend in the airforce... well try your best to get through it. I know its hard but love can touch you in weird ways. The person you like now might not even be the one for you.
  9. Time Lord

    Time Lord Guest

    Feeling down is different from depression. I think you would know the difference. Depression is often felt for no apparent reason. A general feeling of unhappiness. I suffer from it (my grandfather and great grandfather both committed suicide). I also take meds for it. They help some.

    You're suffering from unrequited (unreturned) love. Happens to the best of us! But if you found a new girl tomorrow, would your unhappiness be gone? Were you doing ok before this girl dropped into your life? That's not depression, per se. It's just that adjustment process that our egos and emotions go through after rejection. Man, I remember how I was when this one girl dumped me. Listened to sad songs all damn day long for weeks on end. Then I finally got over it.

    But these things happen. There's a woman at work who wants to go out BIG TIME with me. But she's not my type. I got around it by telling her I don't date people I work with. But everytime I see her, she gives me these sad eyes... but I can't. I simply am not interested in her at all. As the old song goes, "now you cry, but when you do, next time around someone cries for you!".

    That said- if your feelings continue, or if your grades continue to suffer, or, and I can't stress this enough- you feel thoughts of helplessness or suicidal- SEE YOUR FAMILY DOCTOR AT ONCE. They can recommend help. I don't know what kind of a support system you have- talk to your folks or siblings if you can. Cripes, I'm middle aged and I still tell my parents what's going on. Or if you're the religious type, talk to a priest. Sometimes talking to friends may help if you just need to commisserate, but remember, they are not professionals. If that doesn't work, you should see your family doctor. They would be best to go to to decide if you need to see a therapist.

    As far as the opposite sex goes- there are many women out there. She is NOT the only fish in the sea. There are others. Get out, and don't sit around moping. That only makes it worse. You won't find anyone sitting around feeling blue. Keep yourself busy. Get your friends together, take the chariot and get out and about.

    I for one will feel very happy if the Ravens beat Kansas City tomorrow, 52!
  10. lavoidgaskins

    lavoidgaskins Registered Member

    I've been depressed ever since day one. Life is a drag. You life, die, and the same crap continues for every body.

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