Deported Illegal Arrested after String of Home Invasions

Discussion in 'Other Discussions' started by SamusAran86, Jan 28, 2008.

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  2. ExpectantlyIronic

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    Two men arrested for home invasion

    Oh no! Now even natives are causing problems?! Now we will have to deport everyone??
  3. Dragon

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    Oh no! Even asians!

    CJOB News

    Going back to that first link, is homeland security and border patrol sleeping on the job? If that guy snuck back into the U.S, then terrorists would be able to get into the U.S too.
  4. Nightsurfer

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    What makes you think they are not already here?

    And on the comical side to the other two post I guess whites and blacks have to go too..Don't you watch cops? :lol:
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  5. SamusAran86

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    guess we need to nuke the whole friggin planet!

    as for the second post, you completly missed the point of the story
  6. Mirage

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    Yeah it kind of makes more sense to kick people out who are here illegally over the ones who aren't. By sneaking in, they are criminals already.
  7. ExpectantlyIronic

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    As in, illegal immigrants can be seen as good targets for crimes of one sort or another? If so, then we should say that a lot of folks are causing similar problems: by driving particular cars, having particular things, etc. Regardless, you just said "causing problems", and home invasion is a bigger problem than folks being considered good targets for home invasions.

    Technically, we don't generally deport folks for committing crimes of one sort or another. It could be said it makes more sense to kick out illegal immigrants due to the fact that they aren't citizens, but doing as much en masse would cause far more problems than it would fix.

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