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Deontay Wilder vs Luis Ortix (HeavyWeight Title Match)


The Rock is cooking atm..
Anyone see the bout that just occured? Insane ending. Now the heavyweight title picture might see a unification match after Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker at the end of the month.


Registered Member
Just seen the highlights of the fight on TV. I think it was in the 7th round and I don't know what kept Wilder going because he was getting pounded by Ortiz at that point.

And man, I got chills whenever I hear Mauro Ranallo call anything in combat sports. Boxing, wrestling, MMA, kickboxing, name it.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Yeah towards the end Wilder was in trouble, he said post fight that he was mainly knocked off balance by his hits rather than the hits being anything solid lol but was disappointed that Ortiz took the patient route and really should've moved in for the kill but alas Wilder with his length and determination was able to beat him senseless in the 9th round unfortunately.
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