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Denver men 'take dead friend Jeffrey Jarrett to bar'


aka ginger warlock
Source: BBC News

Two US men face charges in Denver for allegedly driving around with the body of a friend after discovering him dead.
The pair bought drinks, dinner and took $400 (£253) from Jeffrey Jarrett's bank, visiting a strip club before reporting his death, police said.
This has got the most bizarre story I have heard in quite some time, why on earth would anyone do this? I fail to see the logic and reason behind this... :shifteyes:


Registered Member
It sounds like it was a method of just trying to use his money, but some of it doesn't seem to have a real purpose, except maybe they thought it was funny? I dunno...


blue 3
YOu never know. IF they were friends of the guy maybe he said if he ever died he wanted to go out in style or something? As silly as that sounds, that sounds more reasonable than driving around with a dead guy in the car so you can use his credit card.


Creeping On You
It sucks that they're facing charges. I guess stealing his money and such is kinda dumb. BUt taking him for one last beer is kinda sweet of them. A nice tribute I think. They prolly should have waited to do that at his wake though lol.


rainbow 11!
uhm. is this the weekend at bernie's or what? That is crazy, they shouldn't have spent his money, that is for his family... unless, of course, the money was left for them. I don't know if I could stomach driving around with a dead guy in my car. I mean really, what the fuck?