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Denver considers ban of picnics, homelessness


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Denver council votes to make urban camping illegal - The Denver Post

The ordinance bans eating, sleeping and storing personal possessions on public or private property without permission. It applies to anyone using any kind of shelter, even a blanket, other than clothing.
This is SO bizarre. It seems like a really bad idea as far as the homeless go, but I don't think they even thought about the side effects of hitting anyone else who wants to eat a picnic or anything else like that.


Creeping On You
In winnipeg, its pretty common to see people spreading out a picnic on a patch of grass by the river, or in a nice shady tree'd area. Apparently that's illegal in Denver now? Its pretty ridiculous I think. Its nice that they're trying to achieve something, but they're going about it the wrong way. They SAY they don't want to criminalize homelessness, but the homeless are still getting punished here.


Problematic Shitlord
It sounds like an extreme knee-jerk reaction to stop Occupy protesters. Of course, they're going to realize how stupid this is once people start getting arrested for picnicking.


Free Spirit
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If I go back to Colorado again on vacation I guess we should avoid Denver. We like to have picnics when we are there and sounds like it would be illegal now.

I'm afraid the shelters they provide will be jail.


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"We don't see homelessness as a crime," he said. "It should not be criminalized."
Too late Denver, you just criminalized it. But American philanthropy has never targetted anything greater than a 3rd world nation. Poverty cannot exist in America. It would make the rich philanthropists look lame.
Maybe just lock the homeless in a closet somewhere and lock the door? :lol:
They say the ban will be accompanied by a push to provide more shelters.
Denver police say they won't be looking for homeless people to throw in jail.
One of the wealthiest cities in the US will "push to provide more shelters."? What? Collect pennies for the poor?
To the 2nd statement in that quote: I call BS... period:
The ordinance states that before officers can issue a citation or make an arrest, they must determine whether subjects need assistance for homelessness or for mental or physical illness, and try to summon a social worker if they do. A draft of the ordinance did not list the punishment.
^ They say they won't be targetting the homeless then they say this.

Denver had 387 chronically homeless people in a 2012 survey, down from 980 in 2005, Milliner said.
If mayor Michael Hancock can eliminate the other 387 he'll prolly get re-elected. :D Maybe he has smart bombs. Imo, this isn't about helping the homeless, it's all about keeping Denver beautiful for tourists and residents.

It's also an Epic test of American Freedom - google if you're an American and don't know what "freedom" means. It's not a popular word here.
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