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most people i know hate going to the dentist, i hate it because im scared i will need work done but i have never had a bad experiance, i have a great dentist and he causes me no real pain
what are your reasons for disliking the dentist? or perhaps you dont mind going at all. have you had any bad experiances with a dentist.

i've heard a few horror stories about them from my dad and i think that could be part of the reason that although i completly trust my dentist i still have a small fear of going


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For me, I think I fear more to not go to the dentist. I have been to the dentist every 6 month of my life until very recent. It has been 8 months since my last visit and I must go soon! (as soon as I am able to save money for it)


yellow 4!
I actually kind of like going to the dentist. Well, I don't exactly enjoy it, but I don't mind at all. I've never had anything done on my teeth (except braces and all the stuff that comes with it, such as injections/removing a couple teeth) so that might be why. I mean, nothing at all that wasn't planned in advance.
I remember going once when I was a lot younger and my brother had to have his first filling, which was a surprise, and I got really anxious for him and didn't like going for the next few times after that incase I had to have one too. But now, I wouldn't really care.


Problematic Shitlord
Just the thought of sharp objects being scrapped along my teeth is unbelievably unnerving and it's really hard for me to not squirm in the chair. It's my "nails on a chalkboard" if you will. Also, every dentist I go to feels like a teacher giving me a failing grade.

"How come you don't brush your teeth thirty five times a day and drink mouthwash with every meal?"

Fuck those people seriously.


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The only thing I hate about the dentist is that drilling sensation when they're using whatever tool it is when they give you a filling. Makes me cringe! Other than that, no problemo with el dentisto.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Eh I don't necessarily hate going to the dentist but it's just a pain in the ass to have to go, ya know?

I've had a lot done on my teeth so I'm there a lot and trust me it's not something you get used too. So I don't dread it but I definitely don't like it.


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I hate the cold water they use. They MUST realize that cold water on a tooth that is getting a filing is uncomfortable. I mean...how do they not know that?


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I find the chair rather relaxing. My life can be so hectic at times. Sitting in the dentist's chair without having to do anything is actually a break for me.


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Normally I wouldn't mind going to the dentist too much, but I know I have some problems with my teeth now and I guess I'm embarrassed about it. I don't like them telling me what's wrong or asking me why I haven't done this or that. Getting a routine checkup/cleaning isn't bad, but having your teeth worked on just sucks. I know I'm only making things worse by not going, but I still can't bring myself to do it.


The dentists love me. Everytime I walk in I need some new expensive surgery for some reason or another.
Things I have had:

I've had braces... twice.
Wisdom teeth removed.
Two other teeth removed (before braces).
Some of my tongue removed (it's a long story)
Top frenulum in mouth removed. For those who don't know what a frenulum is, it's that small bit of tissue between your two front (and largest teeth) that connects it to the gum.

Strangely enough, after all these surgeries I don't hate the dentist and never really have, and I don't dislike going. I mean... it's not like a party or anything but I don't hate it. I've always had really nice dentists.