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Dentist pulls all of Ex's teeth out


rainbow 11!
LOL wow! that's really fucked up. but funny. I do hope she is suffers the consequences, though, as she obviously knew what she was doing.

also, I got a 404 message when I clicked on the link and this from the site:



Free Spirit
Staff member
That was a horrible thing to do to him but I did have to laugh a little. Not a good idea to go to your ex with something like that.

I also got that 404 message.


Problematic Shitlord
Sounds like she should get a few years in prison if you ask me. I only say that because a man would have received a similar sentence. Maliciousness knows no gender boundaries, this is flat out disgusting.


Registered Member
I couldn't stop laughing, I know this is cruel but it's pretty stupid for someone to go see their ex a couple of days after they break up to get your teeth fixed especially if it was a sour break up..
He could of gone 10minutes down the road and found another dentist, she does deserve to do time after that though, that's disgusting.


Registered Member
I do agree he should've gone to another dentist if it was that bad a break-up, but c'mon, you would think you could trust in her professionalism not to pull a stunt like that. I mean, who would seriously think anybody would be nuts enough to do something like that?

Poor guy, though. That's just not pleasant.