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Demonoid Shut Down


I am the woolrus
Another major hit against online file-sharing/piracy:

Ukrainian authorities have taken down Demonoid.com, one of the world's largest torrent file-sharing sites.

Investigators from the country's Ministry of Internal Affairs raided the data centre that was hosting the website's servers.

Torrents allow users to download music, video and other internet content by downloading small bits of files from others' computers at the same time.

The shutdown is the latest news in a campaign against file-sharing sites.

It follows the US's closure of Megaupload, and several European ISPs (internet service providers) being ordered to block access to The Pirate Bay.

Demonoid was listed alongside both of these sites in The Notorious Markets List - a document drawn up by the US government at the end of last year highlighting services that "merit further investigation for possible intellectual property rights infringements".

It noted that Demonoid "recently ranked among the top 600 websites in global traffic and the top 300 in US traffic".
BBC News - Large Ukraine-based BitTorrent site Demonoid shut down

This is a real shame. Like it says in the Article: "Demonoid is known for its links to relatively rare content which may be harder to come by now". I'd definitely agree with that, and along with a great comments section and consistently quality torrents, it shall be missed! It's not like closing down the major sites like demonoid and megaupload will stop file-sharing over the internet though... It just makes it more of a hassle. Maybe that's the best the authorities can accomplish at this point.

I wonder if they will attempt to put ridiculously heavy charges on the guys running demonoid like they tried with Kim Dotcom.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I'm sure it won't stop it and I think they know that but they will keep going after anyone that downloads copyrighted material or runs a site like this.


Registered Member
That's disappointing, it's the only Torrent site that I trusted and used. I'm glad I got my Walking Dead Episode 2 before this happened. Hopefully, they figure something out. They use to just change their .com, .ph, .eu etc etc and they were okay. I only remember them ever having to go down one time because of legal issues.


Rumours are that the Ukrainian government did it to coincide with the US Govs visit so that they can show off that they are also hard on piracy.

I've never used Demonoid and I usually don't pirate but I honestly don't care if people do it. I know that people in Australia torrent because we are so far behind in the entertainment department.