Democratic Debate


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Is anyone watching the democratic debate on CNN right now?

I just flipped in on.

Post your thoughts on the debate thus far and your reaction after the debate.

Its seems pretty unprofessional and I have only watched about 5 minutes off it. People interrupting each other constantly...over extending their turn etc.

Edit: I forgot to add the 'e' to debate...I look like a dumb ass.


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I didn't watch the debate, but I read Salon's snarky synopsis of it. I've been liking Obama more-and-more recently, and Hillary less-and-less, but given that she has been under pretty much constant attack by everyone, that's to be expected. If a shot of someone's face is taken close enough, it's pretty much expected that you'll spot some flaws. I think I can support either Hillary or Obama in a presidential race, though, so I'm none to worried about ends up winning between them (and I don't think anyone else has a chance).


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I have to say that I don't watch the debates themselves, but will probably now that it's finally becoming relevant with primaries showing up soon.

I liked some of Biden's comments. Very, very candid but rough, really doesn't love high-minded rhetoric. That and his Iraq solution are drawing me to him.

As stated before, Obama isn't sterling, but he's still better looking than Clinton. I grow weary of Edwards' populism, it really seems to lack weight to it despite its noble intentions. "The political system is corrupt" is just stating the obvious, I want to see how he can legitamitely be more than simple an outsider during the election cycle.

Kucinich as usual looks great.


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I liked some of Biden's comments too. Hilary is the most experienced. Obama is the best salesman and Hilary second best. Edwards has Christian principles, but I fear he may lack respect for the Koran (assumption). Kucinich I like too.

Hilary used one of my ideas... With all do respect to Bill, I think she is cute.

None of them have what it takes... which ones will merge dichotomies? Simplify, limit or eradicate unjust law? Amend rivalries? Unite, represent, serve and lead the people? What about providing more research guidance to keep our population better informed? What about improving the Internet and providing search options to void out blogs and disinformation?

As for their answers... they were knowledgeable but lacked in philosophical accuracy. Security is not more important than human rights, but occasionally it is a higher priority, not to sacrifice our rights, but to preserve them. It is like conservatism. Conservatism does not intend to restrict our freedom, but seeks intends to enhance liberty but protecting against violations to our rights. Intentions always must go towards making the changes and reforms necessary to re-grant the people all their necessary rights and freedoms they deserve. This must be done through incentive, positive reinforcement, and effective communication. Liberalism is Revolution, but we can't go from fascism to a polarized leftist mentality, without an upsurge in rebellion or lawlessness, that is why change must be gradual, but always deliberate, and never hesitant. I fear they might be too gradual with changes, and nothing will change. In regards to the comments about china-trade, they were good, but I fear they may have sounded to instigative. We must work with China, not against them, even after mistakes, for we ourselves our in a period of repair.

Thanks for the infamous reputation. :(... I’d rather disheartening redness than the typical beyond repute. Maybe I’m wrong, but education makes people egotistical and pompous.