Democrat 2020


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Honestly the Cruz Beto race scared the hell out of me. I am shocked that Texas is so close to being in play for the Democrats. If they flip your state, they will permanently own the federal government. Cruz should have won that by 20%.
It’s going to be crazy if Texas ever goes full on blue. It’s been shifting left for years. A lot of Californians have left the state and moved to Texas. Now they’re ruining that state with their leftism just like Cali. They very much did the same thing to my state (Colorado). Texas is the last bastion of hope we have to keep us from becoming a socialist country (with a Constitution that pretty thoroughly disagrees with that philosophy)

You never know though. Maybe Trump’s message will resonate with the New England area randomly and he’ll start winning those states 😂.

Whatever happened to the political map looking more like the 1984 Reagan election? That is a pretty darn encouraging map.


not a plastic bag


not a plastic bag
I just heard the Beto child killing fantasy he wrote. That dude's toast. I thought he had a good shot at vp but that's not going to happen. We all know people that talk like Trump. But I don't know anyone that fantasies about running over kids.


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If Francis were Republican, he would be ridiculed for being a privileged white judges son who got away with burglary and DUI, used eminent domain to take away land from poor Hispanic people, married into a wealthy family, and is culturally appropriating his nickname.

The fact this hasn’t been done makes the Democratic Party and the media disgusting to me.


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I think Biden is the most qualified democrat to become president due to his experience. Therefore, unless he screws up real bad somehow, I think he'll be the one to face Trump.