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Dell Inspiron TOO HOT!


Registered Member
I found that my Dell laptop got very hot as well when used normally (for me, just multitasking office applications - no heavy graphics card or anything).


Sssssuper Platinum ******
Are you keeping the vents clear? I had a habit of lying on my nice plush carpet or on a blanket in bed when using it. Big mistake but I know beter now and only use it on a desk or in my lap. I'm thiking of getting a laptop riser/holder but they are around $50.00 so I am dragging my feet on it until I see a real bargin.

I also notice when I use the laptop with the AC adapter it get warmer and the AC adapter gets hot as well. If I disconnect the battery with the AC adapter in, it gets cool so now I always use it that way and only charge it with the battery off.

I hope this will help you out a bit.

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