Dell Inspiron TOO HOT!

Anyone have experience with a Dell Inspiron getting too hot whenever it's processing graphics? I can't play any high-graphic games without an ice pack. It's not a battery malfunction, either.


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That is true. The more processing power that you try to get out of the laptop the hotter it is going to run. Because the space in the laptop is so compact it is hard to keep the processor cooled down when you are running programs that really work the processor.

They need to find a way to get better circulation within the laptop so that the processor can be kept cooler. Maybe try using a refrigerant that runs through a heat sink.


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Maybe its not the dell? Maybe its your graphics card and your cooling system. Get a better card and/or cooling system. That should probably help.


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I second getting a better card and cooling system, I do know that my laptop does seem to run fairly hot as well. I just thought that was one of the downfalls of running one


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my laptop is a toshiba and i don't really experience these cooling problems.. i guess you should consider following the last 2 suggestions before me.


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My old Inspiron used to heat up a lot too. There was a known range of P4 Inspirons that have that problem.

You might try grabbing a copy of Motherboard Monitor (free at PCworld), and see if it can read the board in the laptop. It can probably tell you processor temps and fan speeds, etc.

And then there's a freeware fan control utility program that was written specifically for the Inspiron called i8kfanGUI. Grab it from



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Best be careful with Dell computers, since they have a high temperature when running....and this can have bad effects, like blowing up the batteries.
Moral: Avoid Dell products. They might be cheap, but it will burn your pocket. Literally.