Delinquent Duo Wednesday, June 14th 2006

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There are no real words for this. You get a quick and easy 1-2. This is a card I miss and I'm sure every one will welcome back.

Traditional: 5/5
Advanced: Banned


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For those of you without super vision and who do not recall the text of this card; Delinquent Duo reads as follows:

Pay 1000 Life Points. Randomly select and discard 1 card from your opponent's hand. Your opponent then selects and discards another card from his/her hand.

Back when I started the game, I felt that this card was no big deal and 1000 Life Points was a lot. However, I learned in time that this card was good. Gaining card advantage is a huge plus and for a now small fee you pluck two cards away from your opponent.

When Yata Garasu hit this card became nastier as most duelists would try to get the opponents hand down to 2 and get a clear shot with Yata for the game.

All in all a decent card to this duelist. Ir might come off the ban list at some some point but it's iffy.

Traditional: 4 out of 5
Advanced: Forbidden
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