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Deli Meats


Registered Member
What are your favorite deli meats and how do you like them cut? Also, what sauces do you like with them?

Personally, I'm a big fan of roast beef and barbecue chicken. I actually like the meat cut a lot thicker than most do, about a seven on most scales, since I don't like arranging tiny little slices on the sandwich. Miracle Whip is my sauce of choice, which mustard being a second.


Roast beef is probably my favorite... after that, it's a tie between pepper turkey & a certain kind of ham. I can't think of the exact name right this second. What do I like on it? Miracle Whip for the turkey & ham and horseradish sauce for the roast beef.


Registered Member
My favoritest deli meat is turkey, followed closely by ham, and the ideal sandwich has a bit of both. I like it thinly sliced and stacked high, served with both honey mustard and mayo.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I try not to eat them as much anymore since they're not the best thing for you, but I do enjoy Turkey Breast, Black Forrest Ham the most. I do enjoy a few more, but when I do purchase deli meats those two are the ones I usually buy.


Well-Known Member
Easily roast beef, with smoked pork coming in a close second. And then any type of chicken. Not the biggest fan of ham, at all.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I like salami, turkey and ham the most.

I have never been much of a roast beef fan for some reason.


Registered Member
I like thin slices best. French dip roast beef is my favorite but i like salami with peppercorns and rotiserie seasoned chicken too. i like mayo for roast beef and chicken but i love mustard on salami! =D


For a Free Scotland
Thick cut turkey and thin cut roast beef are favorites of mine. Also a nice thick cut of provolone to go along with it.


Creeping On You
Bologna and salami are my two favourites. Also that thinly sliced ham. I usually put all three of them on a sandwich. If it's bologna or salami only, I like to fry em in a pan a bit before putting them on a sandwich with cheese and lettuce. Nothing more satisfying while watching a show than an SCL!