Deleting Posts


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Should we be allowed to delete our own posts?

I remember we could do that back in FC. It was kind of handy to erase tracks. :D
I dont really mind. If i ever decide that I really didnt need to post, I would just edit it and put

"sorry to wast your time"


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I don't really like the idea of posters being able to delete their own posts, it could cause a lot of problems in the long run.


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it's better for the forum stats if you don't delete posts plus it keeps the conversations in threads going and making sense.

If you want to delete a post pm Hybrix he kind of likes keeping all posts to make the forum look more popular but if the post is really bad enough then you should just request that it be deleted.


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Yeah it's really annoying when there's a popular thread going and suddenly it's gone because the OP was having a bad day. ;)


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If you want to delete a post then you shouldn't have posted it in the first place!

that's exactly how I feel on the issue and I'm sure that some people agree.


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If you are thinking about what you are saying while you type then it shouldn't be a problem, just make sure that you are saying what you want to say and regrets will be at a minimum.