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Xbox 360 Delayed


New Member
Unfortunately this game has been delayed to dec. 1st.
Hope to see everyone online when it releases:)


Secret Agent
Staff member
The graphics in DOA4 look incredible. It was good enough on the XBOX. I really want to see this game. I probably won't buy it, but you never know. The online part might be really fun.


Registered Member
AHh, ok then! That is why I did not see it as a launch title.

Doa is nice, but I wonder what kind of new features you could implement with the revolution ;)


Registered Member
The graphix do look nice.

When I had my original Xbox, I had the subscription to Xbox mag.(i still get it too, but can't play the demos. =(. Anyways, i played the demo for it, and then promptly when to the mall and bought it. I was behind on playing the demos. It was a great game, looks better on 360.


Registered Member
I'm not really into the veruses fighting games but do you think this is a must buy for any xbox 360 owner? I don't own one yet but I am building my libary up. It is either between DOA and Battlefield: Modern Combat. I have Battlefield for the PS2 and it is loads of fun. Will BF:MC have some upgrades?


Registered Member
I've never played DOA before, but maybe when I win this contest I'll check it out. I've heard it's pretty good.


Registered Member
The DOA series are good fighting games. Some of the hard-core fighting gamers claim that it's too easy to do combos, but that's a feature I like about DOA. I'd rather be able to beat my opponent using good timing and the correct moves than beat them just because they can't figure out the cryptic controller button combos to unleash an attack.

DOA offers a great reversal system. Attacks come at you either high, medium or low, and you must choose which one to try and block or reverse. In that aspect, it's much like a glorified game of rock paper scissors- but again it comes down to whether to want to out-think your opponent in strategy or do you want to play a game that your opponent has no chance of winning because they can't do the button combos.