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Delayed takeaways


Registered Member
I think everyone has had an experience at least once in delayed takeaway. You are told half an hour on the phone and yet one hour later the food has not arrived. Do you call them? They might be busy you could reason, they may have many other orders to fulfil before yours after all, but still, where is you food? How hard is it to deliver your food! I have only had one bad experience where I had to wait over an hour but from what I remember I got extra fries for my wait.

One of the best tends to be the Dominos near to where I live, they are fast, efficient and I don't think they have ever got an order wrong. They also now send a link telling you where your order is up to which is quite handy.

What is your limit though? If you were told half an hour and were still waiting an hour would you cancel it? Would you refuse to pay full price? Would you just order from somewhere else and refuse it?


Registered Member
In the US, it's called "takeout". Takeaway sounds like someone stole something. Maybe update the title to include that term too???

On topic, I don't know. I don't ever order. I go places.


Free Spirit
Staff member
If I had to wait an hour they would be getting a call but I wouldn't be a jerk about it.. Might be doing the deliver person a favor, they may have been attacked.