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Dekzper Under the Microscope!

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Even though he didn't sign up, I know he wants one of these. So begins your interrogation!

We'll start off with some basic ones.

What is your favourite food?

Last book you read?

Favourite place to visit?

If you could only listen to band/artist for an entire month, who would it be?

and finally, who inspires you the most?


Sultan of Swat
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-You seem to be a huge fan of music, one of the biggest here at GF. Where did you get that passion for music?

-Where are you from?

-Why did it take you so long to become active at GF after joining?

-Have you ever been to a rave, if so what was your experience like?


yellow 4!
What's your favourite color?

Which subject teacher influenced you most as a child?

Do you visit GF every single day?

What are some other websites you enjoy?


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Lol at interogation! I like talking about myself. Some of my friends call me the mouth.

Favorite food: Shrimp, lobster, oysters, and crab. Well, any kind of seafood and my fav fish is catfish.

Last book I read: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. I read it before but I like reading the Harry Potters twice.

Fav place to visit: Nasa in Orlando, Florida. I love sci-fi and spaceflight stuff. Second fav would be Disney World.

Listen to 1 band for a month: Hmmm... There's lots of bands I could listen to for a month, lol. I'll say Madina Lake.

Inspires me the most: Prolly uncle Pete. He's always telling me I can do anything I wanna do and that I should always try. :D

Where did my passion for music come from: I have some friends that started a band and they do alternative rock. I also have an older friend who's a raver and I think I just love music period, lol! I even listen to my Sansa Fuze when I'm doing homework cause I think better that way.

Where are you from: Oklahoma right now but we moved here from Michigan and I've also lived in Kentucky and Colorado.

Why did I take so long to be active at GF: I was very busy at some other forums. When I joined GF I was trying to find info about clawshooting the dragon in City In The Sky in the game, Legend of Zelda - Twilight Princess. I was also having some probs with The Hobbit game. I didn't find the info I was looking for so I kept searching other sites. But I'm sure it was the music forum that got me hooked long enough to find all the other great sections here.

Ever been to a rave: No. I wish I could go to one but... I'd like to go to Electric Zoo, Electric Daisy, and Monster Massive and I prolly will someday. I like kandi, club clothes, and glowsticks (especially flowtoys) but I'm not a raver. I just like EDM and electro. :D

Fav color: Either fuchsia or shocking pink. I love very bright colors (and ti-di) but those are prolly the 2 I like the most.

What subject teacher influenced you the most: My geometry teacher. But it's prolly cause I like math and he's always great to talk to.

Visit GF every single day: Yeah. I have a posting spree and I dont wanna lose it. So I always click in at least once.

Other sites I enjoy: I belong to a lot of sites but I dont go to them very much cause I have lots of homework and need free time. When I do get some free time, I'm almost always anywhere but home. I'm a member of Purevolume, Jango, BBC Radio-1 Live Lounge, PlurLife, Last.fm, Flikr, Astronomy.com, SpaceBanter, Photozo, and PNWphotos. I also check Nasa Human Spaceflight, JPL, Lockheed, and other space sites a lot. There's also school sites I have to check in at and other forums I joined years ago but dont go back to now. I mean, I'm not really interested in how many noodles are in a can of chicken noodle soup anymore, lol! Keep asking cause I love talking! :D
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My questions will make zero sense:

1) If you had to have a different number of limbs to norm. i.e. not 2 legs and not 2 arms, how many of each limb would you like to have?

2) There is a bus you have to catch pulling away as you approach the bus stop. It is more than likely that it will pull off before you can flag it down. What do you do?

3) You have to buy an exotic pet. What do you purchase? You only have sixty pounds, or eighty dollars... and you must spend the lot.

4) There is a man slapping a woman with a stale baguette, you can only stop him by talking to him. What do you think you should say that would make him cease his baguette assault?

5) You can only visit four countries in your life time, all on different continents. Which countries do you visit?

There... Some questions for you. Enjoy.


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You are organizing a music event. Where is it held, and who is playing?

You pretty much have the same taste of music as I do, which is weird because I generally don't come across people who like dance style music, and rock as well. Who is your favourite artist from each genre?

Is there any music festival that you really want to go to?

So you like astronomy, and space and stuff? What got you into that?

Oh, and the million dollar question to make you that much more awesome...do you watch South Park?
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Living in Ikoria
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What's a hobby that you've never pursued but you would like to try someday?

What's your favorite part of your own personality?


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ROFL @ number of limbs! Wow! But yeah, it might be fun to have 4 arms and 4 legs cause I love climbing and I could climb a ton better that way!

Late for the bus: I'd scream! I have an awesome mouth and that would prolly stop it even if it was 4 blocks away.

Exotic pet: That's easy! A small Ball Python snake. they cost from $50-$100 and can live 20-50 years. But I'd want a black and yellow one that was bred in captivity cause they adjust to a new home easier and will eat (and are more active!).

ROFL @ stale baguette! Actually I'd prolly call the police since that could break bones! But if I said something it might be "If you break it you'll have to pay for it!".

4 countries: I would visit Australia, Brazil, Canada, and Norway. I wanted to say England and Hawaii but they're islands. :D
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Music event: Redondo Beach in socal! It would be a big one with Sky Eats Airplane, Thursday, Madina Lake, The Arctic Monkeys, The Always, Brokencyde, and Attack Attack! Dunno, maybe even The Kooks!

Fav artist in each genre: Rock - Sky Eats Airplane. Punk - Madina Lake. Pop Punk - Faber Drive. Screamo - Attack! Attack!. Trance - Ferry Corsten. House Trance - Deadmau5. I just like exciting sounds, lol!

Music festival: Lollapalooza in Chicago! Greenday, Soundgarden, Arcade Fire, The Strokes, and tons more bands will be there!

Astronomy: I like sci-fi and wanna write. Also, I got a telescope from one of my uncles and I like checking out stars and planets. Btw, I think there prolly are lots of other planets with intelligent life on them. I also had a dream once about living on Pluto. It even had lakes!

Watch South Park!? :D Whenever I can!! Did you see the one with the Jonas Brothers and the purity rings, ROFLMAO!! South Park roolz! :D

Hobby I'd like to try: RC (remote control) aircraft! Especially choppers like the Apache helicopter!

Fav part of my personality: I can be very direct cause I like saying exactly what I think. I think it's good to be honest if you dont dis people you like. :D
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If you could appear in a music video for anyone, whose would it be?

You have to give up TV, Movies and Music or lose your dominant arm. Which would you choose to do?

Tea or Coffee?
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