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Ever had this feeling that you have previously witnessed or experienced a current situation you're in? That strong sense of familiarity or of being through it before?

If so, how do you try to explain it? Probably dreamt of it before? Just a combination of stimuli that were in your past experiences? Past life theories?


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I've had this literally hundreds of times. I used to be pretty bad for it a long time ago, when I was younger. The worst time was in the car while it was driving. I'd see a house, or a cow, or a certain signpost or landmark, and I would swear that we'd just been there moments before. It was pretty freaky, for a while I was sure that it meant something bad might be about to happen, or that I was partially psychic. :hah: At times it was so bad that I was literally unsure if we had just passed the area, or were about to soon.

What do I think now? Well, I think that there are a couple of options. One, we live in the Matrix, two, Uri Geller is controlling us through mind power, or three, life is all fake, created for us in a Truman Show-esque illusion by the government and/or aliens.


No, but seriously - I believe that there are two possible options (though there are probably more). One - it is the recollection of jumbled memories and experienced (like in dreams) thrown at us unexpectedly by the unconscious mind.

Two (and yes, I'm serious) - certain people are partially psychic, though I dislike that term; perhaps a better one would be tele-sensitive, in that the mind is more aware and open to mental 'interference', etc. In such a case, déja vu could possibly be the mind picking up the memory imprint of another individual or individuals, also mentally 'open' or sensitive, who have passed through the area and seen the same thing - or maybe it is a precognitive warning or prompt of some kind.

Perhaps the first is the more likely of the two but I've never been one to propose the limits of the mind, vast and unexplored as it is. :dunno:


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yes, as a matter of fact I have :madame:

seriously, it happens to me a lot. sometimes it's as easily explainable as the neurons on the two different sides of my brain not firing at the same time. Other times, I know I've dreamed of it before.
Yeah, happens pretty often. Usually I'll get deja vu and realise it, and then the next thing to happen will be included in with the same feeling, until I break it. It's a bizarre feeling when you know you haven't dreamt it or been there/done that/got the t-shirt before.


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All the time.

I get the same deja-vu more than twice. I've counted like 6 times.

I sometimes dream something then it happens, but sometimes I see stuff that has actually happened before in my life.

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I have it happen all too often. Alot of times, it's even a conversation that will set it off. Some of it I think is due to a very active imagination. I am constantly imagining situations and scenarios. I'm constantly daydreaming and dreaming and stuff. It's entirely possible that I daydreamed or dreamed things very similiar to the things that happen. If you dream enough dreams, it's bound to happen. It's not necessarily that situation, but a situation like it that you're "remembering".


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I often experience deja-vu. For me it mostly seems to be triggered by music. I'll hear a song and i'll happen to be doing something similar that I was doing when I last heard that song. On a few other occasions it has been because i've had a similar dream, and then rare occasion I have no idea why the situation seems so familiar. Those are the really creepy moments.


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Maybe it's a result of precognition. When we have images of certain scenarios in a dream or daydream, only to find out they're bits of what we are to experience as reality later on.

Or reincarnation. I liked the movie Dead Again and most of the character's déjà vu experiences were related to their past life. Outside of fiction, there are studies that seem to indicate reincarnation is really possible (I was just reading the case of Shanti Devi).

For those less inclined to believe in the "paranormal", a more scientific approach is the Forgotten Memory theory. Our mind has countless memories in it of all the days we have lived. To maintain our sanity, our brain "forgets" most of them even though they are still recorded somewhere in our brain. So when we are in a familiar environment and feel that we have experienced it before, maybe we really actually had. Our brains saw the pattern of the experience and make us suddenly "remember" our forgotten memories with a similar pattern in them.


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Maybe it's a result of precognition. When we have images of certain scenarios in a dream or daydream, only to find out they're bits of what we are to experience as reality later on.
That's exactly what happened to me recently. I had a dream some time ago, not exactly sure when, about visiting a certain house to repair a certain piece of equipment. In the dream, I visited different rooms of the house and "saw" things in those other rooms, and evidently that stayed hidden in my memory. I didn't think about it again for many weeks or even months. But later I went to that particular house on business, and it's like I had been there the day before. I knew exactly where everything was. I hadn't even looked at the piece of equipment that she called me to look at, yet I already knew exactly where in the house it was, where she kept the key and what and where the problem was on it. So it took me less than 5 minutes to fix the problem. It was freaky, because I surprised the homeowner when I told her I had seen her house in my dreams. Then I exactly described things in other rooms where I had "visited". I then took it one step further, and described the cat that she had in another room that was expecting to deliver a litter of kittens.
I think I scared her, because I was right in every instance. :lol:


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My guess would be it's a cognitive fluke. When it happens to me, I get a notable feeling that what I'm experiencing has happened before, but also that it hasn't, perhaps for a lack of being able to place when it happened, or perhaps because it never did. In certain cases, dreams and similar experiences could be responsible, but in others I imagine the sense of familiarity is akin to a hallucination (e.g. it's more-or-less a cognitive mistake).