Deion Sanders Returns to NFL...

Discussion in 'Sports' started by SamusAran86, Sep 1, 2004.

  1. SamusAran86

    SamusAran86 Registered Member

    yes, its true...

    Neon Deion, 37 years old, has signed with the Baltimore Ravens

    After not playing for 3 years and spending the last 2 seasons with the CBS NFL Pregame show he passed a physical and signed a incentive laden contract, he will practice with the team wednesday for the first time and is saying he will be ready for the season opener.

    Deion Signs with Baltimore

    Is he nutz! Hes been retired for 3 years, and is 37 years old. If I remember correctly he was haveing hamstring problems before he retired. If he makes it a good comeback, thats good for him, but I wouldnt like to see him get hurt and have to retire again...

  2. Rabs

    Rabs Registered Member

    He was amazing in his prime but now he is no longer there. So you can't call him Prime Time anymore. It's Past His Prime Time. I'm sure he has lost a step or two but he might still be able to help the Ravens out a little bit. Only time will tell I guess but obviously he misses the game and wants to play again. Too bad he isn't coming back to baseball too.
  3. Mr_Snipes

    Mr_Snipes Registered Member

    It has been awhile, but I remember that name. He is a good player. Maybe not quite as good as he used to be. If he does play, we should get to see just how much of his prime he lost.
  4. starfx6464

    starfx6464 Awesome

    :lol: Exactly.
  5. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    He still runs the 40 in 4.3. That's damn good.

    I'm a Ravens fan. Die-hard.

    He's only going to be used sparingly unless he can prove that he's still good enough to be a starter.
  6. Rabs

    Rabs Registered Member

    Do any of you guys play Madden? I know this is the wrong board for that but it's a football post so I thought I would ask. Anyway, are you sure he still runs a 4.3 40 because that's still extrememly fast.
  7. Mr_Snipes

    Mr_Snipes Registered Member

    Well if he's kept himself in good shape, I would see why he couldn't run that fast. It doesn't really matter how fast he is, it matters how fast he is when he's carrying the football and if he can keep from getting hurt.
  8. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    He's a cornerback, he hardly ever gets the ball.

    I'm 100% sure he still runs the 40 in 4.3. His trainer said it last week, and a few days later he confirmed it himself.
  9. Rabs

    Rabs Registered Member

    Well that is still very fast if it is true. But there is no way he will be as good as he used to be, that's for sure. I'm glad you said something about him not carrying the ball much though, I wasn't sure what that guy was talking about.
  10. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    Yeah, it's pretty obvious he won't be as good.. but can't be anywhere near bad. Maybe even better than most of the corners right now. Only the season will tell how good he really is now.

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