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Movies Degrassi The Next Generation


rainbow 11!
I just recently got into this show!!! It's about a group of teenagers in high school about to go on to college. Although I'm sure there is more to it seeing as I've only seen about 5 or so episodes. BUT I LOVE IT.

My favorite pairing is Paige and Alex. <333333333333333333333333

Watch this clip for hot lesbian action. XD



ahah i`ve seen it on the "N" a few times. there is SOO much drama in there. super chaotic @[email protected]; but i guess that`s why it`s so oddly interesting xDD ahah ^^;


Well-Known Member
At first when Degrassi came out, I didn't pay too much attention to it, but when it started to gain more popularity I started to watch it. I liked it at some points, but when they did the episode on the School Shooting, that caught my attention, that was a powerful episode right there. I would have to say my favorite character is Paige's Brother......damn he's hot ;)



No Custom Title Exists
Never heard of it actually, I might ask in the Blockbuster Videos if they got any vidoes of this


Aw, Here It Goes!
I've watched watch it a couple times, my friend describes it as a teenage soap opera.


A bunch of stereotypical high school kids doing high school shit and tons of high school drama....i actually enjoyed the show for a time but now its kinda boring


rainbow 11!
I can see where is can get boring. Which is why I just follow Paige and Alex. I find there are too many people to follow.