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What is the most defining point of your life? Currently or from the past.
Mine is the birth of my second child 20 yrs after my first, and she the most beautiful thing i have ever produced.
Big up Westy lol!!

How about you guys, spill?:nod:
My early childhood, 11-14. Those years shaped me more than any other and although I'm expecting some twists in the plot on the road ahead, I doubt any thing will impact on me more than that time period (Unless my death involved a falling classical piano outside a skyscraper).
Sorry about being morbid:

Death. [read my sig]
How can something that hasn't happened yet define who you are?

I'm assuming, Westy, that you're talking about a defining "moment" since you chose to spotlight the birth of your daughter?

I think my biggest for me was the day I chose to move out of my parents house and take charge of my own life.


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Probably 2 years into my relationship with Syndicate. I knew it was forever and the days just kept getting better and better from then on.


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Well I hope I still have many more defining moments to come. However the one I still consider the most important about me now was when my Mother died. It was after that I realised, surprisingly, what I was like...if that makes any sense.
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well i think i am in my defining moment, i am in college, seeking new perspectives, and becoming more and more active in things happening around me, although as ap said i may not be in my defining moment seeing as how I can't exactly look back at the present.