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Defense before Offense


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We'd be lucky with one more year with the general but definitely the end after this year, Markov set to retire, who knows. This isn't about Markov but the defense after him. Beaulieu has set his mark yet, Emelin, maybe not even here passed july and the likes of Barberio/Hanley and company are great 5-6 defenseman but not top 4. How great is Simon Bourque? potential but not that high. Strictly based on LHD on one side and RHD on the other, the left side is thin.

How bout this idea, there is a top 10 pick this year, how about a dman? I say that's the best thing the habs can do this year at the draft. Chances are you wont trade a top 6 Forward for a top 4 Dman because we have few top 6 ourselves. Sergachev, Juolevi, Chychrun. The top 3 dman this year and chances are 1 or more should be available by the 9th pick

After Pacioretty, Glachenyuk, Gallagher and Plekanec, there is hope with Lehkonen, Reway and Scherbak as well as Hudon. There are options. But on defense, thin, very thin.

The habs have 7 picks in the first 6 rounds, make the most of them by drafting defensemen, Markov wont be around much longer


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Subban, Petry, Beaulieu, Pateryn, Ellis, Barberio, Dietz and Hanley...

That's the defence going forward. I left Markov off for obvious reasons. Gilbert and Emelin off because they can go.

Can that be upgraded? Yes. Should it? Maybe. If a great right wing or centre talent is available at 9th - you get it. Also - you left out McCarron. Don't count him out going forward. He played pretty good for his first time up.


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I see McCarron as a good #7 in a top 9 formation. Not downplaying him, but i see him as a support cast member. I want to be proven wrong, but he needs to prove it more at a pro level. He needs to have more consistent games, but when he's playing his game, he's a valuable player. Chances are, Nylander wont be available at #9 and yes Jost and Brown are good, but we could probably manage at C for a bit