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Xbox Brand Defective Halo 3 Discs for Limited Edition


Registered Member
Since I mailed my xbox 360 in havent had a chance to play Halo 3. I read an article discussing how Microsoft is offering free replacement discs for Limited Editions for Halo 3. Apparently numerous complaints have been made about scratched on the back of the discs.


Well I checked out the back of my discs and sure enough I noticed scratch marks and blemishes on both the game disc and the bonus essentials disc

Microsoft is offering free replacement. So I figured since I dont have my xbox for a good month I might as well get my Halo 3 discs replaced.


So not only have I sent my xbox into microsoft but now my scratched up Halo 3 discs.

Just my luck at least I noticed this before I got my 360 back.


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That sucks man. I've read some people have went through 9-10 copies before getting a good one. I plan on getting the LE so hopefully I won't have that much trouble.


Problematic Shitlord
Why is your 360 gone for a month? If you sent it in for repairs, it should be a week, tops.


Registered Member
Why is your 360 gone for a month? If you sent it in for repairs, it should be a week, tops.
Well they replace the Xbox. Well they replaced my first one then they repaired my second one since the serial number was the same.

Replacement of my first xbox took nearly 4 weeks (17 business days roughly).

The repairing of my second xbox took not even 10 business days. To be honest a month didnt surprise me since the first xbox is shipped to Illinois first. I think they try to repair the red ring error before they replace the entire xbox. I know my new one came from Texas.

Man this post was ages ago. lol.