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Deep thoughts


Wanna play?
Have you ever been somewhere, a store perhaps, just walking along, so lost in your own thoughts that you don't notice those around you?
This morning while I was walking down a grocery aisle, thinking of all that needed to be done, I didn't notice the person walking my way until he was almost upon me. I looked at him just in time to see that he had been smiling at me; nothing untoward about it, just a friendly greeting from one human to another. As he walked by I saw the smile slowly slip away. Why?? Because I didn't smile back; it wasn't done intentionally, it truly took a moment for me to realize he was there in the first place, by the time I noticed the smile, it was too late, the moment had passed.
Now I'm sitting here feeling guilty, how sad is it that we as humans (I'm sure it's not just me) have become so wrapped up in our own lives, that we hardly notice the world around us? A simple smile of greeting so unexpected, that it takes a moment to realize what it is.
Being me, I have to take lifes little moments and dwell on them, try to find a deeper meaning. So I sit here wondering, what if I changed the outcome of that poor persons day by selfishly ignoring his gesture of friendliness?? I think the look of surprised hurt I saw on his face is what bothers me the most.
So I guess we'll call this a simple reminder to notice those around you, and don't forget to smile, who knows who's day you may have the power to change. :D


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i do it all the time denise..................i am in la la land
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i hope you're still my friend..................nani

sorry but it following me here and every where
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angelspeak, I know exactly what you mean but visa versa. When ever I go out I always wear a smile and this one time (recently) I drop some kids off to there summer school and this one lady (a teacher) was coming towards me, her face was very un pleasant so I smile and ask the lady if she want me to hold the door for her. Mannn, NOTHING! she said nothing, jsut walk right through me as if she is mad with the world.
Like you said "Deep thoughts". That's must have been what she was doing because a few days later she was coming my way again and I did the same thing. This time she was pleasant and said thank you very much, I was like.... wait, that's that same lady.

So no matter what, it's a good think to smile and show your kindness. It will one day return to you.