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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by d_emosthenes, Jul 9, 2007.

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    Destroy the Dependency

    The world’s heavy dependence upon the ever decreasing oil supply must be broken. Inevitably, the dependence will be broken; however, only one way will keep the bloodshed to a minimum: breaking its dependence before forced to by lack of resources. If the world does not reduce its dependence by a substantial margin, not the few percents of ten, twenty that most believe will at least help the environment but make oil a non essential product, lost in the wake of a renewable source of energy. The consequences of not taking action within in the course of the next few years are as inevitable as the death of a man. War. The next world war because the greed of the powerful was too great to be sated with the billions of dollars amassed by the companies already. A world war that will last until the world is scorched in the fires of fission or drowned by the blood of the innocent. All for the sake of a resource that cannot be saved, for a resource whose color matches the hearts of the men who wish to continue the course of the world’s economic state. Break the world’s dependence upon the oil resource or the world war that will undoubtedly follow will truly be the war to end all wars. Because after the next one..
    After the next one there will be nothing left to fight for.

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  2. drs10

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    Little bit dramatic, aren't we?

    Of course we should lower our dependence on foreign oil, but your theory on how the dependence will end is a bit scary.

    Don't worry about a World war over oil; it's not going to happen. The world will come up with viable alternatives to oil before we run out. (Which, by the way, isn't going to happen for quite awhile.) Unless I'm mistaken, you have been playing the game Act of War a little too much to the effect that you are starting to believe in it.

    You remind me of a prophet of doom on the street wearing a cardboard sign that says "the end is near".
  3. SuiGeneris

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    Ah the slippery slope! Got to love that.

    It's common sense that dependancy of anything that is non-renewable is not a good idea, but again you have to ask if we have the resources to just "completely" stop using oil. It's a rather ridiculous request. As much as I'd like to see it happen, it's going to take quite a bit of time before we are completely independent.
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    Al was a smart guy...
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    Smart and dumb at the same time. It really depends on the subject you look at. Definely a good physicist and good at math too although those 2 probably go hand in hand.
  6. d_emosthenes

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    Everyone knows that the world’s oil reserves are dwindling very low. As more and more countries “modernize”, the oil is stretched farther and farther. Anyone else see were I am taking this? War of course, at the present; oil is the most highly prized form of energy production in the world. It runs our cars, trucks, almost all forms of mechanized equipment, and even oil by products are useful. As the oil reserves continue to lessen, countries will begin to fight over this valuable resource. Certainly, it will begin as arguments over this and that, but it will escalate to full fledged war. Surely, at least one country in the world sees the implications of the lowering oil supply. Perhaps the defense shield America is trying to push in Europe is simply pre-emptive strategy for the coming war over oil. Another World War, one in which every country is for itself, all old alliances forgotten in the wake of “need”. Each one fighting with everything to either claim an oil field for themselves, or destroy it to keep the enemy from gaining another resource. A World War to truly end all wars, because after the next war; there will be nothing left to fight for and nothing left to fight with.

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  7. pro2A

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    If it wasn't for the greenie weenies we would be able to drill in northern Alaska (under an ice sheet) for oil, and the US would have enough oil to last us around 10 years. There is enough oil in the world to last us our generation at a minimum. There is more oil under the oceans then there are on land. Only problem is we can’t get to half of it. I think once technology improves we will be able to. Wars over oil are doubtful. Nations trade, it would be like saying we’re going to have a war over technology or food or water. Nations trade goods for goods. Always has been, always will be. There will be a new source of energy soon, the people will drag the oil companies down eventually.

  8. vman

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    You seem to subscribe to the "All my problems end at the grave" mentality. Words like "eventually" and "our generation" are code for life is to short to give a damn. Sure, if people just traded their goods then everything would be fine. But just look at what Russia is doing. They wait until foreign ventures in their oil fields like chevron and bp reach a profitable level. Then they trump up some bullshit enviromental violation so that they can take away the oil field and give it to the government owned gazprom. So they entice foreign companies to their vast oil fields so the government can profit from their hard work. Putin has also been using oil to control the former Soviet Republics. When the baby countries in eastern Europe refuse to bow to the monster of the north he routinely threatens to shut off pipelines. And Russia isn't the only one throwing oil weight around. Don't get me started on OPEC. History shows that people can rarely trade goods without attempting to use their economic influence to control the trade partner. And that "the people will bring the oil companies down" ship sailed away with disco and the 70's. We were crippled by oil shortages during the Carter administration, and everyone thought that the age of oil had passed. But now over 30 years later nothing has changed. Every time oil goes up a little bit, CNN pulls the old alternative fuels box out of the attic. So I said all of that to say that if we keep tableing this issue it will rise up and bite us in the ass. The weaning off of oil will be a painful and bumpy ride that some may not survive. But nothing worth doing ever came easy. as the beginning of the thread said there may not be a chance for a world war 4.
  9. Merc

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    . . . or we can start investing in alternate energy and avoid a war altogether.

    Seriously, why can't we get off our asses and start some serious implementing of newer, cleaner energy forms?
  10. vman

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    Who the hell knows. Ask the do nothings in Washington. Ask the morons that reelected Bush.

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