Deck Devastion Virus, Monday August 14th 2006

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This card defines A deck that tries to abuse Darks that are beat down monsters. Sadly this card isn't constant. You can't control when you will draw it so it makes things hard.

I want to say how great this card is, but I just don’t think it is. I recognize it as a good, card, but not great. If you can get it o go off then you may gain a lot of advantage, but you may never know. With people running all these beat down monsters these days it's hard to tell.

Sadly I have to give it low ratings so here they are"

Traditional: 1.5-5
Advanced: 2-5


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This card is side-deck material since it'll do the most damage to a PACMAN deck. It will get ride of MoF, Exiled, DDWL, and Reaper of the C4 deck build but it isn't a definate crippling card.

Advanced: 1.5 out of 5
Traditional: 1.5 out of 5
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