Debt Collector has Harsh Words for a Seven Year Old


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"We had an unpaid bill because of a dispute in our retail business. Our sales rep doubled our order and then went on maternity leave, and [the company] said the only person who could fix it was her! A bill collector from Texas called over and over and I attempted to explain (the situation) to him ... The day before Thanksgiving he called and my daughter answered the phone -- she was 7 years old at the time. He said to her, 'Because of your daddy you are not going to be able to live in your house anymore and won't be able to have Thanksgiving there with your family, it is your Daddy's fault!'"


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wow that is awesome, just goes to show how screwed up people really are in this world ya know. Wonder if they can get any type of suit going on against him, I mean I know from there its probably not easy to prove anything... but still it'd be nice to see jackasses like that held accountable for the BS they spew.