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Hey guys, I've just been browsing through some of these threads and found that a couple of people are or have done high school debate. I'm unsure if this is place in the appropriate forum, but I was just wondering who participates in debate like as an activity. And if so, what event do you do? (i.e. Policy, Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, or even speech events)

I've debated three years in high school, two in public forum and one in policy. I went to nationals last year in PFD and will be going this year in policy, so I was just wondering.


I've never officially done debates as an activity or competition, but in terms of merely debating things, yeah all the time.

Hehe, your background in debate shows, you're very understandable and make very valid points, unlike a lot of the people I end up in discussions with. Now just change your font back to normal so it's more readable and I think you're set.


Aight den, it was a pain in the ass to have to keep entering in the HTML anyway..


Well this isnt really a thread to go here so i will put it in general. But yea your font looks lot better regular ;)

And i only debate if i find something i want to argue about.


blue 3
I'm a three year policy debater. (This is my last year though.) I'm going to Nationals in Chicago (CFL) in about a month. I debate in Kansas, so our class/season is only one semester long. Where do you debate?

Anonym0uz Bitch

I just enjoy debates, its more fun in person though, I did it first/second semester of college, but the one here at WVU isnt that great, its really weird.
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