Debate stifling smears


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In order to avoid derailing MIT's valuable debate regarding Glenn Beck I will start a new thread to discuss Tuck's post.

As to the racist claims of the Tea Party members, what bothers me are the claims of racism by certain members of Congress who claimed they were subjected to racist attacks yet in this day and age with cell phones with cameras and video cameras not one clip has been produced that substantiates those claims.

I'm sure there are racists in the movement, every group has loons, but unfortunately the entire group has been branded as racists, by those that disagree with the group, globally, without any evidence. I'm sure any of use can google some nut at a rally holding up a sign, but first I would question the validity of the sign and would then if valid would question why that suddenly represents the entire group.

Denial much? It's way more serious than racist epithets at this stage.

'Let the violence begin': death threats against Sen. Patty Murray

Caucus member: Health bill protesters called lawmakers the N-word

Another Member of Congress Threatened With Death

You might also try typing TEA PARTY RACISM into YouTube to see some of those clips, if you're really interested in discovering the truth. The links on this page would be a good start.
I am SO tired of the anti-debate smear technique to try and perpetuate the lie that it is racism that is the underpinning of the Tea Party. Are we so naive to believe the lie if it is repeated often enough? I hope not!

Let us not forget recent threats against Republicans, the hatred of Bush, etc, etc.

Man arrested in death threat against Republican congressman | The Columbus Dispatch

Threats against lawmakers spread after health vote - Yahoo! News

Weasel Zippers: Black Dem Rep. Who Was Reportedly Spit on by Tea Party Protester: I Never Claimed to Have Been Spit on Intentionally, Others Are Making the Claim on My Behalf, Refuses to Confirm it Happened..(Update) He's Full of Shit...

And I so loved the YouTube posted with one picture of one sign that could be construed as racist or it could be construed as a complaint about knee-jerk reactive spending. In this video the person speaking uses blatantly racist terms to decry racism:

"...its just a bunch of redneck backwoods racists"

Can we get beyond the name calling, PLEASE!

Just because some think that we are Taxed Enough Already, are against reckless government spending and expansion of entitlements, do not support the president or his radical agenda does not make them a racist.
I also wonder, are these folks racists as well?

Black conservative tea party backers take heat

Really, let's get real. I think that we can discuss these topics based upon their merits, make our points, and agree or agree to disagree without resorting to the stereotypical smears intended to dismiss those with whom we disagree.
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I hadn't even seen this thread, SS. I do believe that most people are of the mindset that if you repeat lies over and over again that magically become true. I'm also amazed at the selective memory of most people in regards to threats made.

I don't know, SS, I would hope debate could be done honestly and without smears but I think that's asking for a little too much.