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Debate forum? O_o


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Debate forum anyone? o_O


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
We've talked about it in the past, and there's one problem with that. It's very hard to keep debates and random flaming apart. Anything you want to debate can be debated in the individual forums, and I encourage it.


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Yeah, there are a few debate type threads going on right now in fact. I think it's fine to start debates in any forum and they will be left open as long as people can be constructive in their debates.

For example, if you disagree with somebody 100% they are still entitled to their opinion. Feel free to point out why you think somebody is wrong, but once people start yelling and screaming at people because "how could they be so stupid" then mods may step in and say something or close the thread altogether.

Debates are fine though and often times become very interesting for everybody. Just remember to agree to disagree in advance because not everybody will change their mind to your beliefs.