Debate #4: Did Vince have the right to screw Bret?

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Babe_Ruth, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Alright time for the fourth debate. I am sure all of you know about the Montreal screw job, where Vince McMahon screwed Bret Hart.

    Now do you guys believe Vince McMahon had the right to screw Bret Hart?


  2. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    Obviously he did have a right. He may have gotten knocked flat on his ass and unconscious over it, but he didn't get sued.
  3. Unity

    Unity #AllTogetherNowSTL Staff Member

    I don't know a lot about the issue, so this debate will be spent learning more I suppose.

    Was it that Bret wasn't willing to drop the title? I'm thinking that wasn't the issue from what I remember.

    If it was just that Vince pulled this on Bret without telling him...he does have the right, but it's still a shitty thing to do.
  4. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    I've argued both ends of this before. Whereas it was harsh and terrible for Vince to do what he did I understand why he did it.

    He couldn't risk having Bret Hart show up on WCW Nitro with the World Title. Maybe he should have trusted Bret but that was hard to do around that time. Vince was in trouble...he was losing to WCW. I dont think I blame him for what he did.

    I think Bret should have been more willing to do what the company asked of him to do. I dont think he deserved what he got and it could have been handled better but I dont blame all.
  5. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    He maintains that he was happy to drop it, just not in Canada. Reportedly, Vince agreed to that concession but then cooked up the Screwjob with Vince Russo *spits* while they were having cock(tails) at the McMahon estate.
  6. Unity

    Unity #AllTogetherNowSTL Staff Member

    My gut is saying that both Bret and McMahon were pig-headed and stubborn in the situation. Maybe they were both wrong? :)
  7. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    They both are at fault in different ways I'd say. I don't get why it mattered so damn much to Bret to lose in Canada. Communication was lacking and there was a better way to go about it.
  8. Ryuk

    Ryuk Registered Member

    This is a tricky one. Ultimately I think he did mainly because I think if Bret had left the WWF still world champion, then he shows up on Nitro the next night or next week and either throws it in the trash or burns it. If your Bischoff at that point in time how in the world could you resist? And you don't leave a company while still the world champion or you're going to pay out your ass for it (ask the late Mike Awesome all about that one).

    Truth is the night of the Montreal Screwjob was the night that the war started to turn in favor of Vince and the WWF. Bret was never able to reach the same level of stardom that he had in the WWF during his WCW tenure, meanwhile Vince flourished while pushing a white hot Steve Austin and at the same time properly utilizing veteran talent like the Undertaker and Mick Foley while bringing young guns like The Rock and Triple H into the spotlight.
  9. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    Yeah, the 'Job and the DX assault on Atlanta were the one-two punch that started the ball rolling toward McMahon's eventual (and literal) ownage of WCW. That company's own mismanagement did the bulk of the cleanup work.

    Excellent post all around, Ryuk. I'm glad you decided to join the GF crew.

    EDIT: Don't get me wrong; I'm still pissed about it. BRET GOT SCREWED!
  10. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Alright, I think McMahon did a poor job on the whole situation. I know Bret was leaving for WCW and he didn't want him to bring the belt on Monday Nitro, but doing it the way he did was a poor decision. First off, Bret accepted losing the title, and he came to agreements with Vince that he didn't want to lose it in Canada. Which in my opinion makes sense, since hes from there and so forth.

    Then the Iron man match goes to sudden death and then the screw job happens, HBK puts Hart in a sharpshooter and Vince tells the refferee to ring the bell, when Bret clearly didnt tap out.

    Bret had the right to do what he did to Vince since they came to agreement before the match.

    Another reason why I am so mad about this ordeal is because it definitely soured the relationship, I know they said they don't dislike eachother anymore, but we would of probably seen more Bret Hart in the WWE, like we see Piper today. Which would be amazing.

    I am sure you guys have seen this before, but here you go.

    YouTube - Full Story Of The Montreal ScrewJob Part 1

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