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Death Tax


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Do you support the death tax? i.e. The idea that the government can take roughly 50% of your assets/wealth after you die, as opposed to you being able to will it to your kids?

I think there should be a 0% death tax no matter how much money you have. After all, you ALREADY PAID INCOME TAX ON ALL OF IT.

The death tax is nothing more than a greedy selfish idea proposed by snakes in suits who can't figure out how to even begin to balance their overwhelmingly irresponsible budgets.

The death tax basically destroys family businesses and allows for crooks like Warren Buffet to make their money. This guy lives and breaths to buy out businesses that people can't afford to keep due to the fact that they have to basically pay half of what the business is worth to the government.

No Death Tax » What is the Death Tax?
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I don't support it one bit, it is utterly ridiculous. If I knew that I was going to die and had proper planning before death, I would "sell" my assets to family and friends, and give all my money away before death so that way I would die without any assets. I think it is a selfish tax. And I am pretty sure that there are laws against my idea. Pathetic.
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My in-laws have about 120 acres that is part of the family farm where my wife's great, great grand parents settled the land. Now if that property is not deeded through what is called a ladybird deed then the property will lost to taxes. I do not want it myself, it should stay in the family (my wife is an only child) and be passed on to our daughter. Since the property is deeded to my father-in- law and his brother, if they dont divide it and execute a new deed it will be lost to the government.


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I am 100% against the death tax, it's an idiotic idea that should be repealed immediately. In SS's example all of that property should be passed onto family and whoever has title to it continues to pay the property taxes, but there shouldn't be a tax to pay simply because someone died. It's idiotic.


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I support estate taxes. I figure once a person is dead, they're hardly harmed by the tax, and those who would receive less inheritance from the tax will still be exceedingly wealthy regardless. Those who stand to inherit money did nothing at all to earn it, after all. Furthermore, the tax serves to limit the accumulation of power and wealth by privileged families. It thus serves as a check against oligarchy and the disturbing trend of money amassing in the hands of a few, while the many find themselves with less and less.

Lastly, with so many nations around the world facing budget problems, now is not the time for them to be cutting sources of revenue; particularly ones that do so little harm to anybody.


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Does it happen in reverse? Government pays half of all the debts you leave when you die? :lol:

I am against this. Just transfer the estate to the beneficiaries and if they need to pay taxes on it (assuming the deceased would have been paying the same taxes for the assets if he were still alive) later on, then it would fine. But just the principle of taxing because of the transfer - and also at that percentage -- is absurd.