Death row.

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    Hey there. :)

    With all these crimes being done around the world, there is one simple punishment for all offenders - DEATH ROW.
    Surely that will make the world such a better place. :confused:

  2. Merc

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    Obviously not. The definition of "crime" is very wide. I don't think anyone short of the insane would see possession of marijuana as an offense punishable by death. Serial murderers and rapists are the two groups that come to mind however. I think a lot of people are under this false impression that the death penalty is there to prevent crime. For me, it's always been about the ultimate punishment for people that are simply incurably cruel. But that's just me.
  3. CaptainObvious

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    Are you advocating that if these criminals are simply put on death row the world would be a better place or actually executing them? Are you advocating that anyone committing any crime should be put on death row? I'm just trying to understand because normally when people call for the death penalty they talk about the execution not about putting them on death row. I mean people can spend years and years on death row.

    EDIT: It would behoove you to be more clear in what you are proposing:)
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  4. Hiei

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    I'm with both Cons and Captain on this one. One one hand, I feel like the death penalty should be used in incurable cases such as serial offenders and spree murderers. On the other hand, I don't think that there's much use in putting people on death row, cause like Captain said, you could spend the rest of your natural life on death row without ever getting executed.

    Now, if you're suggesting that every criminal should be executed, I don't think that that would accomplish much more than making the criminals craftier. In a world where there's different people that have different trains of thought and where there are impoverished people, people will be willing to do whatever it takes to get what they need/want. I'm sure that there are lots of people that break into houses to steal things to sell so that they can get money for food. Just as sure as I am that there are people that will break into a house just because they think it's fun. But I really don't think that putting more people on death row will really help anything more than getting the prison system even more money and a higher population than it already has.
  5. Obsessiforge

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    I'm curious to see where this one goes. First post on this site and its to start this thread? this should be interesting.

    But I do think I'm with Cons on this one. For example, anybody remember Jaycee Dugard? girl that was kidnapped at age 11 and kept in a shed for 18 years, raped multiple times, gave birth to two daughters who were brought up thinking she was their sister? the fucker who did that ought to be death'd right fast if you ask me.

    Lindsay Lohan on the other hand? nahh...90 days in jail is enough for her.
  6. Daemonic

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    I'm not a fan of killing people, if someone is mentally ill and does something then they should spend their life in a mental hospital. For some crimes I think people should be educated and given a chance to improve themselves. For more severe crimes I still think people should be educated and hopefully at some point realize their error. They still shouldn't be set free but the prison of the mind can be far worse than any jail cell or death penalty. In my opinion death is giving them an easy way out.
  7. RJ-Cool

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    Surely you jest! You cannot honestly believe that any or all crimes committed should be punishable by death! If you do, then you probably should be looking in the mirror before passing judgment or at least put yourself in the position of someone who committed a minor offense. Would you want to be put to death say, for
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  8. Bubbles

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    Yes, and that's why we have insanity appeals. If you remember the case of Albert Fish, he was declared legally insane, but they put him to death anyways. I'm not gonna lie, I really didn't have a problem with it when I first read about the case. I really don't have any sympathy for a child killer and rapist. I also don't believe in rehabilitation of serial killers either. Take for example: Arthur Shawcross. The man killed two children and was out on the streets within 7 years (I think) for good behavior. Instead of turning his life around and repenting for what he'd done, he goes out and kills for more children and teenagers. Anyone who harms an innocent child deserve to fry. Sadly, I live in Canada, where the death penalty is abolished, and scum like Clifford Olsen can live off the tax payers dollars, get shelter, get three squares and still have the audacity to send taunting letters to the families of the kids he murdered.

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