Death Penalty or Life in Prison?

Which would you rather be sentenced to?

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What would you rather get sentenced to?

Your crime doesn't matter. Whether or not you are actually guilty doesn't matter. The fact is you have been proved guilty and you are now faced with one of two options.

1. Death Penalty. Lethal injection. Painless (supposedly). You are done.

2. Life in Prison. There is NO chance you will ever be found innocent, even if you are. You will stay in jail until your final breath. No hope of ever being released.

Supposedly more people think life in prison is a meaner punishment and that the death penalty is the easy way out. I think I'd want life in prison regardless. I don't like the idea of being executed.


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Lethal injection. Boredom gets to me, and being stuck in prison would be incredibly boring. At least until "Bubba" came to visit, then I'd just wish I was bored.


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well i chose death penalty... but im split! thats a tough one... because even though u'd be in jail for life which would be terrible, i think it would be hard to choose to end my life when i can do more living no matter where it is.... hmmm

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Spend life in prison, I could adapt to that lifestyle I suppose. Assuming I did something wrong as well I'd like the opportunity to redeem myself by becoming a productive inmate.


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death, im not too into others deciding when i get to shower and what not. plus considering my absence of power ide quickly become a welcome matt.
Since you didn't remove the option of years of appeals, I'll take life in prison.

If there is the slightest glimmer of hope that I may one day regain my freedom, I'll stick it out.