Death of Terri Schiavo

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Teorropy, Mar 31, 2005.

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    Im glad the whole ordeal is over, its rediculous that the "federal" government was involved!!

    I know that I and everyone I have ever talked to wouldnt want to live in that state, no matter what her parents wanted. Now all we have to do is wait for the autopsy reports to FINALLY see if the Husband and "Independant" doctors prognosys was true.

    This story happens HUNDREDS of time per year, the only reason we have heard about this case was because it was a fight between the Husband and Her Parents... Congress and Pres. Bush shouldnt have gotten involved, in fact, the Supreme Court said the They both outstepped there bounds trying to pass a law that would require her feeding tube re-inserted while the case was "fully" reviewed again. (case has been in the courts for 8 years)

    All I can say is that Terri can finally rest in piece with nothing artificial keeping her on this earth.

    *** This is kinda a controversial topic, I ask that we all keep civilized, state your feelings about it, but there will be NO arguements/flame against someones opinion, or posts will be edited/deleted!***
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    RIP Terri may your after life be better than this past one.
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    I've followed this story very closely (starting the last time they removed her feeding tube) My Mother starved to death ( choice due to the nature of it. Couldn't have food/liquid or any kind of IV. Any of the above would have killed her immediently) I was very torn in my feelings about the subject...still am. A very personal subject to me and I wish there could have been any other way to handle this. I do know that IF what I just read is correct then her husband is the biggest jerk on earth. Not letting her parents be in the room when she died. With all the "he said" "she said" things going around it is hard to tell who to believe....I do have a gut feeling that this guy isn't a very nice person though.....

    May the family be able to finally heal and move on with their lives and may Terri be at peace.
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    Hi, I have been gone a few days, been busy doing some painting for my inlaws. Good to be back in here!

    I really think that it is terrible that Terri Schiavo had to endure so much during her life, and then have to die this way. I feel that it should not have been up to her "astranged" husband. I feel that he should have been out of the picture once he had a new life, with another woman and children. I think that he should be charged with adultry, then starved to death! It is so terrible for her parents also, when they were the ones to bring her into this world. Why in the heck couldnt he just sign the rights over to them to decide what was best for her? It must be alot of money involved, and I hope he never gets a dime........
    and burns in H***

    excuse me please..................................... :(
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    I hope nobody minds, but I have edited this topic. The only thing that has changed is Terri's name... The only reason I changed it was in respect of her life!

    Back on topic... I still havent heard one "credible" bad word about Teri's husband. From the things i heard on the news tofay, Terri's brother started a arguement with Scott not too ling before it was known she was in her final moments... A Police officer was in the room, and the brother had to be escorted away... Hence the reason "her family" were not allowed in for the final moments!!

    the next part, Michael not allowing them to the burial of her cremated ashes, I can understand... Her parents made the last few weeks of her life a "Media Spectacle" and he doesnt want that happening to her funeral.
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    I don't think people should be able to make life & death decisions, it should all be up to God when we go. After all, he brought us here, he should have the only say when we go.
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    Yes, but alot of people wouldnt want to be kept alive by machines. I know I certainly wouldnt!
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    The plain and simple fact is that she was NOT on a respirator! she was NOT on a heart machine! She was a living breathing and most who knew her would say even responsive woman! She was NOT kept alive by artificial means! She was simply being given food and water. Jesus Christ! We do that much for our front lawns don't we?
    I hope God has a very special place for Mr. Schiavo...way south of the border.

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